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Official government shutdown entering its third week with Democrats and President Trump locked in a stalemate over the president's proposed border wall. ABC's Tara Palmeri reports from the White House, it appears that right now the Democrats have an upper hand. But when the next paycheck is set to go out January eleven to federal workers. And if that's missed I think both sides will suffer politically from. This are expected to meet again today at the White House, though, President Trump says he'll be at Camp David with senior staff a major development in the tragic death of seven year old jasmine Barnes who shot in her family car in Houston last weekend. Authorities announced early Sunday that they have charged twenty year old Eric black junior with capital murder in the case. And a second person is now also in custody twice. Convicted murderer Scott dosier has apparently killed himself while on death row in Nevada. His execution has been postponed twice while a legal battle continues over the use of certain execution. Drugs department of corrections. Spokeswoman Brooke Santino spoke to ABC News Radio confirming Doges death saying he apparently hung himself Saturday and was pronounced dead. At the scene. There are still some legal battles that were waiting on. So we had no execution scheduled at this time. He was not on suicide watch he had been in the past drug companies have filed lawsuits over their products met to save lives being used for executions in Nevada and elsewhere, the brother of a US citizen arrested in Russia on spying charges says his brothers, not a spy David Whelan, twin brother a former marine, Paul Whalen. So the families working to get them released from prison in Russia. But they have not been getting any information on his case. The Russian government hasn't released any details about the espionage charges, and we haven't heard anything from the American government real and says his brother was in Russia to attend a wedding when he was arrested NFL playoffs began Saturday the wildcard playoffs. The colts the Cowboys both one you're listening to ABC news. Ready to create your own income with your own home based business where there's no such thing as getting laid off if a billionaire entrepreneur spent five years in twenty million dollars searching for the next big trend..

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