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Right near a statue head and with the head looking in the same direction. That bond is looking. I love that again. I missed that one hundred times. This is a nice touch. It focuses us and the action that will be taking place. It's really a brilliant shot and this use of statuary in the garden is actually tremendous when you're paying attention to it. It's really cool stuff. See i've got to be honest. All you never sort of tagged it was actually on a grant that was making that noise oil actually thought it was bond who stepped on and turns around to see if you know if yet bicycle so that we we we all interpreted differently right so the next shot is a close up of grant stern determine face. He looks focus sinister and ready to complete his mission. It's a terrific shot and robert. Shaw is just spot on with the facial expression here is freeze frame this one and appreciate all. He communicates with this one shot to do. It's hard to do and i think Timothy dalton did the same thing when he did his bond movies his face and facial expressions in a second. Tell you a whole lot in here. Like you said dr rich us. Great great face expections. Oh my well. And how much of that with dalton is because of his shakespearean background theater background. Did your you've got to be more expressive with face and those conditions. So that's good to see all right so we're in this dark setting and all of a sudden we hear a bird chirp and it takes by surprise in bonn as well. Sometimes birds do chirp at night mocking birds. Another's sometimes there signaling for a mate is there's quiet at night and less competition but sometimes birds chirp is warning side to alert others of danger. So this bird. Chirping here is chirp of impending danger. It's another brilliant move by the writers directors and producers. It's a perfect moment. That's easy to just pass by watching it..

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