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This is a head gum hut ask while andrew and craig believe the joy of discovery is crucial to enjoying any well told tale they will not shy away from spoiling specific story beats when necessary plus these are books you should have read by now but a third a that ended that added a hey welcome back i back back injury this is overdue it's a podcast with books even mean read my name's craig and my name is a andrew welcome i think he emma back from where emma back from italy the country ya ya sl italian how was it was good it was it was as good as a pizza pie ma i kissed my data zamora a dare is okay so here's here's what my travel wisdom is i gotta lot like i learned a lot of travel wisdom but here's what i learned about restaurants oakley glee italy but like i guess anywhere against like if there's somebody outside trying to get you come in don't go in there if the says free wifi don't go in there okay if they have pictures of the food don't go in there sure if they actually have red and white chequered tablecloths don't go in really that seems like like honey to you the fly i know it's a hunting because i want those at my at my wedding because we have pizza dr wedding and yet and it was not having it it was a bridge too far i guess he and as yasser that's that's the andrews travel tips okay did you see any anthony sport dane over there i didn't see any anthony's bore dane i probably saw lots of other just regular type anthony's or online at antony were at him yesterday.

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