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See. I put this back over there as a controversial. You got it. Okay here. All right. The waist disposal back. Nice. So this is going to be New York Red Bulls. There's no drama here just to make sure. Just to make sure. There we go. Okay, so there's the New York Red Bulls. All right. So New York Red Bulls against the winner of Nashville and Orlando at Nashville Orlando, July 26th or the 27th. A lot of oars there. As far as the Western Conference, we have things locked down a little bit more. We know it's going to be sporting Kansas City. We know it's going to be Sacramento republic, what we don't know is where. We don't know where and will it be a cup set. Oh. And will it be a cousin? This guy loves a cuff set. He's on his brain. So let's see. Mix them up and I imagine that Sacramento republic right now are pretty excited with the potential of hosting. I'm just saying, everybody in the world. Is rooting for you to pick Sacramento republic out of that bowl. So with the exception with the exception of sporting Kansas City fans. Hey, sporting Kansas City. I'm a fan of a cup set. Neutral. Let's see. Let's see it. Okay. Don't blow it, ally. Tell me, right? USL is the entirety of yours and leaning on you. I don't want Peter to meet pressure on me. That's a lot of pressure. Um. Get in. It's got hate me. Yes. Yes. Sacramento republic FC. All right. I.

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