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The cross the country on this labor day there are socalled fight for fifteen rallies fight for 15 demonstrations are scattered across the country this labour i said rallies are being held in chicago memphis kansas city los angeles and other cities the group targeting industries like fastfood restaurants at hospitals calling for an increase in the minimum wage should fifteen dollars an hour it's a movement that has the support of senator bernie sanders donald says it has raised pay for workers and started offering paid time off at companyowned restaurants ryan burrow abc news chicago in britain william and kate earned announcing that they are expecting their third child the new royal will be fit the mind the throne pushing uncle hair down one spot areas apparently not upset by that he was asked about this morning someone shouted what did you think it he said great news fantastic were already talking names i'm afraid tadic howard the bookmaker has arthur alice victoria henry as the favorites all the 10toone abc's nick watt they're jab these emperors oldest granddaughters giving up her royal titled to mary a commoner princess majko announced she's marrying a college classmate who won over her arch 25 year olds as the relationship started five years ago when she sat behind him at a campus meeting she wasn't in line for the throne only men in her family can become emperor this is abc news is komo news time 104 tiras ahead over the aaa traffic desk and check in with kira jordan and we are working on a couple of locking problems right now we have a crash in marysville southbound i 5 at steve route five t nine is going to be locking your lane i believe no it's going to be blocking yet it added locking your left lane and this is causing slowing from to lay let northbound i five is also a sloca from rinke dr p eighty eight live crashed in seattle northbound i 5 at i90 this partially blocking the right lane causing much of the.

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