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Get mortgage a man hunt is on for the gunman who wounded for people in Everett the stories coming up but first hi for radio real time traffic good afternoon Tracy Taylor had a boss couple things or watch it right now in early arek north on the valley freeway on your Willis that he's been cleared and gone and there's still a little hesitation as we approach is that scene there is some slowing in the southbound direction on the valley freeway and you know the drill at some four oh five heading out to the seventy seven eighteen east bound SO and from just after a ware Houser it works its way out towards Auburn way you're gonna find the drive to be a little on the challenging side south in a five from just after Northgate through the downtown corridor in already outside of the Duwamish river curves back of the north central five start at a C. tack on five eighteen heading into the rent to nest curves and starting to hit the brakes as we get into Kirkland there is a stall reported no take that back at the crash itself in the valley freeway near Ellingson that's in each of the lane and left general purpose lane that sounds like we have a new cell it's taking up the left lane on the south and four oh five just north of five twenty traffic brought to you by dispatch health when you're sick every minute counts go to dispatch health dot com where high quality medical care comes to you visit dispatch health dot com to learn more about medical professionals to make house calls dispatch health covered by most insurance carrier radio real time traffic I'm Tracy Taylor from the Cairo radio news center my northwest dot com it is police are searching for the gunman who opened fire at an effort apartment building hi rose seven TV's run decent hop report early this morning police converged on west casino road with guns drawn and tracking dogs searching for a gunman it was only an hour or so after a man shot for people who rushed to the hospital it sounds like it occurred inside an apartment as for.

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