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Us. 809 41. Shawn, You wanna be a part of this extravaganza, man? It's a Friday. It's been a long you know, it's a long way because we went to California. That's always a long week. Um, so with help wanted signs, I saw this big articles now coming out pretty much everywhere. Posted on practically every storefront in America. Joe Biden's decision is to extend unemployment benefits through September that is now prompting millions of American workers to stick with government handout, which in many cases is paying as much if not more than what their previous work, Woz. After the pandemic, remembers it slam the economy. The jobless rate was 14.7% much lower than many had anticipated, including myself. But then within two months, economic growth returned in June. 2020 remember the shock When the economy and added 4.8 million jobs in a single month at the unemployment rate dropped dramatically. That trend then continued, continued until March of this year. Very much the Trump economy and Biden signed that very generous program of unexpected unemployment benefits in tow law. Remember Democrats, part of the new green deal they want to guaranteed level of income will guarantee level of income means people are going to make a decision. If I can get this much for not working and make this much working, why would I bother toe work? That doesn't make any sense. It's gotten so bad in some areas and some states. That they're paying McDonald's is McDonald's down in Florida that has has now decided to pay people 50 bucks. If they'll just come in and sit for an interview. You don't have to even be interested in the job. Just go in sit for an interview. Probably be asked for free quarter pounder. They would They probably give you that to, um, so what's happening here is the extended unemployment numbers is causing a job growth collapse. And the unemployment rate rises to 6.1%. That's not a surprise, if you know simple, basic, fundamental economics, um it's It's kind of like a one on one stuff with these guys. I don't know. Anyway. Let me play Biden commenting on the disappointing jobs numbers, But we have to do more than just Bill back way. Have to build back. Better. A big miss to tell you about here. The labor Force participation rate 61.7%. We were looking for 978,000 jobs. We came in it. 166,000 jobs worry and the Dallas falling on this news now the unemployment rate we were looking to take down to 5.8% the unemployment rate. Went up to 6.1%. So again, These are not the numbers that we were expecting whatsoever. Manufacturing employment actually edged down about 18,000 jobs following gains in the last two months. We also saw job losses and motor vehicles and parts down 27,000 as well. Professional and business services in terms of temporary help declined by 111,000. Over that span, Women had a net job loss. They actually did not add any jobs. It's actually kind of funny when we're.

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