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Chaired a meeting of the National Security Council attendees at that meeting took full account of the national cybersecurity Centers advice. Together with the implications for UK industry and why. Why did Geo strategic considerations? The government agrees with the national cybersecurity sense advice the best way to secure Our networks is for operators to stop using new affected her wild ways equipment to build the U. K's future five G networks. The decision will be seen as a victory for the Trump administration and is definitely a reversal for the UK significant U turn from the decision the government made in January. It also highlights and underscores how technology is centre stage in the deepening divide between Beijing on Western capitals. Last week, Beijing's ambassador to London Charming had this warning for the UK about away If you treat China as enemy, I think is completely wrong. It's not in your interest that remind Resenting the American strategist who have Tio normalized relationship it in China on United States. I happen to participate in the process of normalization between China and the United States. Presently I have a very fine line by saying, if we make China an enemy China will become and enemy So we want to be your friend. We want to be your partner. But if you want to make China a hostile country, you have to bear the consequences. Pretty a severe warning there from the U. K. Thie, Chinese ambassador to the U. K. Let's speak to our diplomatic correspondent James Lando James. What is it? That changed the government's decision from the one that they had made back in January? Two things changed. One is the U. S. Political pressure increased substantially. The Americans imposed sanctions Anwar Way, which effectively meant that the British intelligence services had to reassess the security threat from hallway. They decided that because while we would no longer be able to get good, safe US components that was an increased security risk, so therefore the UK would have to change. That's the first point. Parliamentary pressure, not just on the conservative benches. But across the park Parliament in the UK growing caution about China, lots of ginger groups being set up to scrutinize Chinese policy. I think the British government took the view that if it tried to carry on his business with the status quo policy, it would lose any votes in Parliament on this So it felt it had to move on in the much bigger context. Then what? How is it that the government is calculating They will be ableto recalibrate relations with Beijing. Well, essentially today, it makes it much, much harder for the UK to continue its sort of stated position. Foreign policy position of saying, Well, you know what we will try and box and Cox between United States and China on DH engaged with China on the big issues that matter, such as climate change and trade, and things like that, but be more cautious and create more strategic resilience. When it comes to critical national infrastructure I five G mobile networks. What's happened today is the UK has taken a large step closer to the United States on one step further away from China, this will make relations with China more difficult. But the UK has decided that that is the price is what it's prepared to take. James Lando. How diplomatic correspondent joining us live while a short time ago and immediately after we heard that decision from the British government, I spoke to professor Steve Sang, who is director off the China Institute. London University School of Oriental and African Studies. I think it is pulled a significant U turn and also a very carefully calibrated compromise. What the U K government has decided to do is to set a date but end of the year to stop new railway equipment being installed on the five gene network. Keeping all the other previous generation one way hot wares in place, So it's going very careful ways to try to know, antagonized both go away and the Chinese government's too much okay, so carefully calibrated, But I wonder in the context of what we've heard from the Chinese ambassador. To the UK threatening Britain with dire consequences if the government were to act on its concerns about security and Huawei. I wonder what kind of retaliation you think Britain should expect. I think we may bet we'll see some more specific restrictions on British companies or operations in China or potentially reducing support for the existing one way hardware's in place. Now you've met should happened. And it will be a confirmation that woman has made the right decision. What? Why do you say that? This is now going to be the test case, And it will show us whether one way and the Chinese government really work very, very, very closely together or no. I mean, the founder of Faraway always maintains that 12 way is a private company, but anyone who knows anything about China. Will understand that a company like Wal Away could not operate in the way that it does if it did not have the support off the Chinese authorities. I think you're absolutely right there and we'll be forced to choose to believe. Ian I That was off the fender off one way or the leader ofthe China Xi Jinping. Sheeting. Ping has said that in China Northeast, southwest or the middle and Effie walkoff life. The Communist Party lets them or and there is no exception. Why should always be an exception. It is your view that the Chinese authorities will view the British decision in the context of the bigger picture that they will see it in the context off the United Kingdom, responding to Washington Or will they see it just very much is yet another area in which they are having to firefight in terms of their relationship with the West. I think to really kind of comes together from the Chinese perspective that the U. K government's decision will be seen us at the very least unfriendly, if not hostile, even though no produce company will be allowed to beat for any critical infrastructural projects in China as well. We have been allowed to do it in the UK But they will also see the UK as bending to American pressure. Given what the United Kingdom has today decided, do you do you think that there are things that London Khun Duty to avoid walking into a trade war with China at a time when the UK is approaching, finally leaving the European Union and needs as many trading partners as it confined. There's not a huge amount we can still If we want to uphold our basic values in terms ofthe supporting rights of individuals, the wolf law and democracy, we do that we sometimes two things which the Chinese government dislike. And I think we will have to decide which is more important to us tray or basic values. That was a professor Steve saying director off the China Institute, London universities. So as so how will the decision go down in Beijing? I'm joined on the line now by Victor Gau Guess professor at Soochow University Law School, and he has extensive experience in government and diplomacy, including as a former president..

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