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Oh my goodness your house last night Coming down ready devastated Fail Off my. Porch, yeah is covered by the porch and and the hill came down to where it cover the. Ground I, mean new grandma's. White you know with Tiny hail this, wasn't, golf-ball-sized by me stretchy imagination you know pebble. Sized I don't know I heard some people refer to his orders that seems a little big. Closer, to diamond maybe but weird weather and this was a this this was an amount of rain. Hail and, wind that I. Had never seen In arizona In the area I live because it wasn't that far from the radio PS two a. Peak thing Phoenix mountain preserve fifty one in. Northern roughly it was coming down and it was it was it was coming sideways because we have seventy three mile an hour gusts I want to say it was coming sideways And it was the mixture of water and hail rain and hail with combined with the wind led to like I called it a white out condition I mean the. Front, of your, health is not that far from the street now most people right we don't have like. These long winding driveways like a. Quarter mile no the my the curb to the front of my house is maybe thirty. Feet couldn't see the curve couldn't see my mailbox white out you know what I, eventually saw, when you sent it to me the nice water, feature you just put it in your friends that Dr lane water feature at my house sadly driveway Versus video It's just a waterfall From the, second story. Looking down it's incredible I don't know how you got out of. Your driveway this morning Because I couldn't, get the. Garage door open because all the dirt was packed up against it About a. Foot maybe eighteen inches hit about a foot of, mud just packed up against the garage door so you're not far from the radio station here dug up my driveway by, the way the water got under the driveway, and led to. Like like a? Ripple, or collapsing what do you call buckling of the drive but that news so wait folks. Yeah there's, more we've talked about the beautiful new water feature in. The front of BRUCE'S house the waterfall we talked. About the foot of mud up against lovely there. Was the buckling of the driveway as, well there is more. Give them the very best Bruce? So I have a, where I live it's like terraced land do you know what I'm. Saying so my my yard the neighbors are blow. Me because we're up on a little higher I'm up a little bit higher than they are so there's a retaining wall you look down upon them, and the retaining wall on, their side is probably six to eight feet tall on my side the dirt up against it and I only have maybe three or four feet of the wall Sticking up as its terraced the wall collapsed it didn't just collapse It's gone it fell into it fell. Into their they have like a like a house or a shed my. Eight foot concrete wall went through, the back, of their house party so. The last night folk says you know I haven't met these, neighbors I expect. To be them late Think, you're gonna you're gonna meet him. Yesterday I'm sitting at soccer practice out in Gilbert. With my, daughter Riley because at that point in time Gilbert was not getting. Rocked we. Waited probably about two hours after this. To to have that happen I get this from Bruce. On text messages huge storm just came through destroyed my art retention wall. Collapsed into my neighbor's house no, internet I, assume the no internet was. Don't expect any stories for me Was like I couldn't make my computer I'm like I don't have internet tonight our kept going. In and out and I'm like I'm really I don't have a lot of options right now what JV does production for us at the radio station and I was grabbing a Cup of coffee in the, middle of the show and Pamela I just want to let you. Now that I went into your office and. I. Was just a few minutes away from. Taking all of your pictures. Memorablilia down off of the glass here at the radio station he, goes because I thought the HALE, was going to break the. Window or the tree right out in front of our office was going. To come barreling through because the winds here, at the radio station we're close. To like a low hurricane seventy plus miles right. Here somebody's, gonna keep telling this normal weather patterns okay I know I took Somebody told me like a thousand one hundred year flood I go how can I have one hundred year flood every three weeks, yeah I know that somebody's one hundred years anymore let's call the. Three week floods that that's somebody Bruce is. Starting. To change their opinion I'm just saying that somebody is I don't know what it is but it strikes me. That the weather patterns are changing Because this, storm came in from a different side of town every Different is a different type of story and then it.

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