President Trump, Manafort, CNN discussed on Stephanie Miller


No ladies and gentlemen bus governing miller show one i feel like only a ring girl legs ding ding ding around was well he wants party started right you want this party started quickly john kirkman is here on moeller monday i everybody what y'all scum all such sad news about manafort isn't it he's such a great guy y'all ready for this and so ready van ratborne ready all right that's i'm here today had laid that when he was walking into the rent had i am not find in a party music this morning when it moved to blow stick what's gonna happen when he gets per blocked president deep in we he has already told us the you don't need to watch a people's heads when you put him in the squad cars to oh sorry you okay i'll be in the streets i know i'm i'm sad that manafort didn't do apart brock i was ready my playoff yeah i got to build five am yes not aarp is my body clock woke it's two things when i have to get on a flight and when someone gets invited my body naturally weakness slick it's like nature's map my phone deigned at four fifty five am with a cnn alert about it and i was like i never go it's very important where right on top of them heart of mueller's team i don't know if you know all i do know that you're young very intrical integral to these cases yeah so i don't i've been sleeping law what a person booking visit with it to have you here it useful precedent i did oh my god member i was just saying this owed one national security expert this was wednesday last week predicted the does something is going to drop with muller before thanksgiving and people were like wa no but i will see what are malcolm dances but the woodchip or of justice ladies and gentleman has been turned up to eleven i think that there's more i mean they said flynn is next but i don't know i mean like today uh tomorrow i'm he had lived my whole day tick toungui diet when hours indictment bingo we knew me we we have more to humour hours over the shop for i thought there was like an indictment window i had no vote well yeah it's all about me yeah oh in high of before thanksgiving what a wonderful gift for pie.

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