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Of your March twenty four th letter or did you? We offered to have Bob review it before putting it out, and he declined I didn't ask you about reviewing I asked if you thought about having them help prepare the March twenty four th letter. I mean, they did. No, I didn't think about why not because it was my letter. How did I love this Bill Barr? I love this guy. It's Charlie grabs. Charlie. Christie's hapless congressman the guy with the most permanent permit tan I've ever seen in my life. I Charlie Chris. I don't know what he does. He have like one of those easy bake ovens or something at home. But Charlie Chris used to be the governor of Florida. He's really an awful guy. He was a Republican. He couldn't stay at a power. So we switched over to be a democrat. He says, well, you know, I didn't ask if I asked if you ask Bob Muller to help you prepare the report but bars like, well, why would I do that as my letter? And he indicates there that Muller passed on reviewing the letter, you may say so what what's the breaking news. Oh, listen to me, folks. Democrats never ask questions in front of national cameras on C span and cable news like Charlie Chris, they never waste their time on a name questions. They don't have. The answers to. What am I getting at someone told Charlie Chris to answer that question? Why? Well, you remember last week show Bill bar before he was appointed attorney general it was even consideration for the position wrote a memo as a private citizen indicating that the president could not possibly be guilty of -struction of Justice due to the information available publicly for the firing of Jim Komi. That's before bars appointed attorney general before he's even inconsideration. Mahler by refusing to review the letter that exonerates Trump that Bill bar produced. Joe this is this is slick this is game theory by the left. Chris knows that by Muller passing on reviewing the letter. It puts the responsibility. For the exoneration of Trump on the obstruction charge, which Barin Rosenstein, do they say there's just no evidence for this charge. Puts the responsibility on who bar. I told you this last week nothing happens that these hearings by mistake. Everything is fed to these congressmen. They're not smart enough to think of the questions themselves or you thought Charlie started that himself. What are you nuts, folks? Believe me when you run for office, and you meet these people, they're the most unimpressive people on the planet. I mean, it they are seriously unimpressive. I have conversations outside with hard working manual, laborers who I'm telling you are thousand times smarter street smarts and book smarts than these idiots up on capitol. I'm not kidding. Chris had that fed to him. Ask him if Muller assisted in the review because if Malla reviewed the letter, Joe, then what happens the less talking point about bar made a unilateral decision on absolving, Trump of -struction would be gone because Muller would have reviewed the letter. You get them talking about ambush slick. Yeah. Muller knows exactly what's going on here. Let me just read. I got I gotta redo a little bit. What I said last week said this is important yesterday. So Bill Baugh writes this letter he says this four page summary. The mullahs report is to bottom lines bottom line number one. There's no collusion. There's really no dispute about that anymore Muller's even sign because there was no evidence. Now, you may save Muller's not a friend to Trumper bar. Why did he write that because they can't fabricate evidence? There was no collusion because there was no collusion..

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