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All right onto part f page ninety and this is about trump's effort to curtail the mueller probe and the last section was probably the juiciest but but this is the funniest. I think this is the comedy of volume to it. Actually is really hilarious. I feel like trump was probably super proud of himself when he thought of this dumb ass idea like august what i've got this great idea i could just see him like sitting on the toilet or something like this is going to be the best so basically two days after he told mcgann to fire mueller and i love that muller states that is a fact he just opens up two days after the president directed mcgann to fire me he called private citizen and former campaign chair corey lewandowski to the oval office and asked him to deliver a message to jeff sessions to to limit the mueller investigation to future elections and not the twenty sixteen election. This is one of my favorite new bits of information when this it's so great right <hes> uh-huh and trump followed up with lou douse key like a month later and lindau ski had a meeting with sessions but sessions cancelled it and then lewandowski's left the country for a while but told trump i got i got you deliver your message. It'll be delivered then he ran into rick dearborn and said hey we do this dearborn who was a white house aide at the time he asked him to deliver the message passage but dearborn wasn't comfortable with that and he told lindau sqi. He did deliver the message even though he never did. That's really funny. I got you bro so dearborn. You're born as we know. Recently subpoenaed lewandowski and dearborn brought from the house judiciary committee to in their impeachment in casa awesome. That's about this. I just think it's so funny. Lewinsky said testify. There's no collusion no obstruction <hes> but you took part in it so good luck with that yeah. He thinks he's off the hook because he didn't do anything <hes> but it is kind of doing something if you don't tell someone that's that's what he said also probably yeah i mean he's not in trouble you know right not to a criminal degree but <hes> but that is <hes> at least as far as i see him in my eyes yeah he's definitely.

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