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Or in the stories that town hall dot com. I'm Rhonda Rocks, Tre. Rainy finish here to the weekend. Cloudy overnight with rain. Moving in snow could mix in at the start morning well. Mid thirties periods of rain Sunday and cooler afternoon highs. Low forties partly to mostly cloudy sky Sunday night temperatures into the mid thirties for Monday we'll see a little sunshine mixed in with the clouds of times. It'll be mild or upper forties in the afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday. Mix of clouds and sun temperatures both afternoons reaching highs. The middle forties I'm meteorologist Can moon from the Weather Channel for top rating of 6 80 Wcbm. Listen every Sunday from 6056 20 A. M. For a broadcast from the internationally known Saint to try in Baltimore. ST Jude is the patron saint of despair and hopeless cases. Sunday mornings from 65 to 6 Funny on talk radio 6 80 wcbm. It's Baltimore's number one MARKETPLACE. RADIO flea MARKET with Jay Harris. Sunday mornings from seven until 8 A.m. exclusively on talk radio. 6 80 Wcbm Coast to Coast AM starts Now on talk radio 6 80 Wcbm. Both. Thanks for inviting me into your home. Your long haul truck, RV camper. Taxi! Your parents well appointed basement. But the simulated wood paneling, electric fireplace in the painting of dogs playing poker..

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