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Google Evergreen Schools brought kindergarten students back a few weeks ago. So far so good students adjusting toe leaving their masks on in class. We've added 587 new covert 19 positives yesterday statewide 25 additional deaths confirmed since the weekend. One additional guilty plea related to that pandemic. Here's almost Ryan Calvert, PAOK's saying has now admitted he filled out four different applications to get his hands on some of that federal paycheck protection money from earlier this year. The total of his applications. Nearly $1.6 million. You'd only received five grand of that money before the Feds figured it out. Theistic Wall Man has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in federal court. Yet this certainly isn't the on ly fraud being committed in the name of Kobe. The Federal Trade Commission is out with a warning that scammers air targeting Facebook, Twitter, instagram and other social media users offering to help you claim a missing stimulus payment. The FTC is now hoping when you see one of these scams Report it to the agency's new website report. Fraud dot FTC dot gov Brian Calvert, come oan you as of this morning a sharp increase in Kobe 19 Infections forces Idaho to step back to a phase three reopening hospitals, especially those directly east of Spokane, are full of cover 19 patients. Overto Brad Little, imposing new restrictions on businesses and gatherings would stop short of mandating masks. I don't have to have 100% compliance. I need to have a much higher compliance that I have today. Also last night, the court Elaine City Council voted to mandate mask wearing. The move comes just a week after Courtney County's Health board struck down a mandate that was in place over the summer. Coming up. Cold case murder suspect goes on trial. I'm Corwin Hey, HQ with the evidence collected 48 years ago. It's 10 04, and we check traffic.

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