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Yeah I told all my family. I bought a dress. I mean. That's half the women I know like I bought a dress. What was I going to do? Return Mary this guy. Thank God I spend a lot of money on. I sp- I spent. I was never gonNA buy a super expensive wedding dress because like why would you do that? You'RE GONNA wear it once but I have a friend who bought a wedding dress. It didn't go through the wedding. Act Like it's a credit card like it didn't go for no one's how that happened and she died at black and she wears it. It's like a cocktail dress. It's actual I was upset that it did not Come in time for me to take promotional photos in it. Where my special it you know. It came in a little later than that and then by the time it came in. I didn't want to go get it because it's a bit of a drive. Yeah and then I have to get it fitted and I just couldn't I couldn't walk in there and be like can I get it in a trash bag? I was like I was like I'm GonNa go in there and just have them like fit me. I guess. And when they're like. So may thirtieth. I'm to go yeah like I. I wasn't sure how to handle it. What does it look like? I mean I'll show you a picture I mean. Yeah he is so curious. It's an issue. Not we point. We both have married other. I mean let's do it please. I think we'd take really good care of. I don't think so. We're very similar. I still haven't album label dress and my phone. Yes do I probably Oh. It's pretty right hot. It's gorgeous and your Dong Dong but is on phone. The full display did you. Because it's interesting because you really learn a lot about who you are when you try on wedding dresses whether or not you're engaged. Not I suggest everybody do it. The sales people love it. Love when you come in not engaged and just try it on with your filthy body was just so weird. I I when I went in. Chide wedding dresses on. It was just so odd what I thought I would like. We all have this image of you know the wedding dress. You'd where I picture just like really big and just Disney or whatever and I was like no I think I'm a straight down mermaid. Well I have a picture of the other ones. Leave lace purse. I was a long sleeve. Lace person called that with you. I was GONNA say Stra- I was GONNA say strapless never in front of my grandparents. No what is this a horror themed wedding. I would never have cleavage my grandparents. Will you can get him. You know I mean. What did you just picture when I said streetside on? This was the other one that I was looking at which is very very different and very cleavage. This one is. I'm trying to show this. One is a little oxana by that one's a little like a little. Let's skip the daddy daughter Dan when it looked so good on me but your fiancee would have been able to motor boat you at any point. It was a great dress the wedding it was also like off the rack. The perfect site. Oh flattering so. That was almost it and the night little Russian is it. Yeah yeah bad way. Is there no the good Russia? You know like the dictator Americans. The head of the Americans like Keri Russell like this dress could ruin a democracy. But I'm saying it's interesting in these are off white off white person. Yeah full white person either. Yeah not a full white person. It's so weird where you avail person. They they do the thing in the store where they what did they say on. Say Yes to the dress. They Jack you up. That's how they say it say address where they'd give you a fake bouquet an avail and they take pictures of you in the right light and you could kind of decide. I definitely was not going to be avail- person I do have a oh I do have a wedding venue Alma. Yeah but these are dresses that I'm not in that. I didn't try but you took pictures of the dress now. They're screengrabs from instagram. Oh that's really pretty. I had a cape that I I was GonNa work you to wear a K- I mean I don't know I screen grabbed this. Yeah I wanted to look like a. I mean Superhero. I can picture the wedding shots of you in a large field on a huge estate. Walking your three dogs with with a Gauzy Cape behind you. I was Full Cape. Once I saw that you could get a wedding cape. I was thinking about doing a suit like member when slain diong pursuit backwards. So I was like I could do that but I don now. It's probably not as G- getting as many likes the hot white suit. That's you could do that for a special. You know what I mean may be. I don't think so. I think that people and their special should dress simply classic timeless. You're very good at this. Oh thank you hold up very well thank you. I hope so you know that was the I loved the Canadian Tuxedo you went with. Oh Gosh Yeah you do you regret it you know. I don't I just I. I always panic and a special and I always look. I'm a nineties bitch and swam and I always look nineties. And that's just it. I usually look nineties in your other. Specials yes no. I don't think so really. You had like You had like a blazer on the HBO special. I was worrying I looked like on me. I look like Emily's on. I looked like a French mime. You very she. I thank you I got. That was like a suit. That was a suit with a camisole underneath. Yes 'cause I was like I'm going to be feminine and I'm GonNa try to not neuter myself. This was back when there was such a thing as gender and this is Becca used to classify categories and so and then I wore heels. That's the first time I've ever heels in special and that was the most I was going to ask you about. That person downplayed a pulled it off. Thank you very. There was no point where I was like. She struggled may spread to roller ankle on her closer. That was the less physical special as I recall and I remember thinking for that special. Maybe I shouldn't be so manic like I remember looking back and just sometimes. I'm just like a little manic onstage and then helped me wearing a little kitten. Him helped me just kind of hold my a power a little bit and be a little more still right. Those were not kidding. He also those were in King. It's yours were like the height of an actual kitten standing on his hind legs. They were they were. They were a couple of inches which made me think it's so funny because I you probably have people tell you like you seem much older than you are not your face not because of your face my soul my insides. My guts are ancient. I got a lot of that too. I don't get it anymore. I now get like you need to grow up Aged backwards. I'm mentally Benjamin Button. I'm so curious if there are things that you haven't heard of references that I now oh hit here twenty six. Yes Lisa Loeb. I've heard I've I couldn't tell you. What Lisa Loeb looks like or what she does. But I've heard Lisa Lo I love this shit. Nothing Lisa Loeb you say. Oh she's singer. I only hear what I. That's Lisa Lopes. That's on how I don't listen to the full House or reality bites. Oh really yeah but she was I do. I do love that movie but you didn't watch. Mtv when MTV had music videos no reality TV. Not Really. I've never really watched reality. Tv though Jordan Catalano is yes. I do know Jordan Catalano. Oh Yeah Yeah from my so called. The has yeah. Yeah so what you watch all yes I think. I don't remember why I watched that. It was probably on some list that I was like. Oh I should look that up. It wasn't easy to find the show. I watched it. Oh that's interesting but I had the air young. You probably ripped it off napster. Probably I watched the office in very low quality. Yeah I I. Do you know the crash test dummies. This is a deep cut. Do I know what a crash test dummy like the commercials in cars? There's a band called crash test dummy. Oh I didn't know that Is really bad. Remember there was a girl Girl who got into an accident and would and come to school and Wen music you can listen to crazy the saugus until I this is crazy. Have you heard like ground pretty upbeat? Someone got an axe. I can't believe this didn't come to school. We're over here like thank you next. My Life's going to be better. I can't believe that we listen to delay this. Of course you know it There was a girl who was it. Couldn't change with the girls in the change room together. Member does no no one's in here. Don't worry Song About Carrie here. I can't believe hold.

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