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Cooling, and Gary Hessy is with us this morning. How are you feeling today? You there? Thank you. We were talking this morning about this. It's the pitcher for the squirrels who's in trouble Mogi web yet. Yeah. He's done pretty well for him. He has he's these pits. Very well. He's one of the giants top prospects. Just twenty two years old but yesterday suspended eighty games by baseball for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. He maintains his innocence. But and says he supports baseball's policy on drugs and is going to try to find how this positive test happened. That's what he says squirrels yesterday boy seven to three to have a road trip of a home without tuna tonight. Nationals lose to Saint Louis five to one in DC miles. Meek Las max Scherzer NATs of lost the first three in the series trying to avoid a four-game sweep today. Four oh, five in DC. Other scores of not the Phillies beat Detroit seven to three. It was Atlanta topic San Diego five to one Cincinnati down the Mets won nothing. Orioles split up here with the White Sox. Boston seven Oakland three. It was Houston vol into Minnesota sixty to Pittsburgh. Top Texas, seven five Arizona. Three the Yankees to cubs down. Seattle eleven zip NBA, plows, Portland. Be Denver ninety seven ninety series tied. One one tonight. Toronto a filling series tied one one NHL plows Carolina. Best of the islanders five to two. And now lead three games to zip Dallas over Saint Louis fortitude that series now even at two games apiece. Kentucky Derby favorite Omaha beach has been scrapped scratched due to a breathing issue that cropped up yesterday afternoon he will not run in the run for the roses on Saturday. Redskins have informed receiver. Josh johnson. They won't pick up the fifth year option on his rookie deal would have been worth ten point two mil for twenty twenty now be a free agent after this coming season wisps at twenty five and fifty five Gary has NewsRadio WR. I appreciate that, sir. When we come back. We'll talk to congressman Denver Riggleman on what some are saying might be the big fight of the summer. What is it? We'll explain when we return next NewsRadio. WR VA. Maybe you drive vehicle like, I know I'm cars of just not ever been the thing. I try to drive around to get the newest vehicle and impress everybody. It's pretty just get me from point eight point be don't break down on me. The downside is that my old car, which I love just doesn't have the new technology that I find that everybody else has. And if you're like me concerned about the coming laws that say you can have your cell phone in your hand. And you know, you almost have to go automated on everything get over to audio express and talk to them about how they can get the new technology into your older car bluetooth backup camera apple car play Android auto. I mean, you you don't necessarily have to buy new car to get that. If you go to audio express, they can do a replacement of your current audio system and a great price, and this is the kind of work they've been doing since they got started back in nineteen seventy seven. So you know, that they are experienced and. Can take good care of you? Remember audio expresses all over the place both sides of the river broad near horse.

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