Eagles, Carson, Brady discussed on Labor Press' Blue Collar Buzz


Of the ball they're in line play is all of a sudden the eagles have taken a big jump up and are looking at the definite super bowl contender and carson went isn't just the only story there it's but he's the big one here and then you talking about tough cars and west will who's your who's tough also tom brady to forty role seventhrow grabez he had a bomb shoulder in fact i was reading sub were uh charlie weis does the pre season are the pregame radioed he does the patriots games and he was watching it with one of these sports illustrated reporters and brady took a big hit last week on his left shoulder that's what hurt his left shoulder and charlie weis it right away brady's injured uh but you could see brady came out and play today took some shots today made a nice comeback win over the jets and he also became the winningest quarterback of all time of the regular has nothing to label hundred eighty seven career wins in the regular season in postseason he's got another thirty or forty probably one thing though gala like they concerns me about brain i've been around that team probably as much as anybody over the last twenty years is he's taken hits he hasn't taken before they've they've been a phenomenal job protecting him i mean they've had offensive lineman very few number one draft choice as you know just their piece together uh know are very very protective offensive line and he's getting hit that i sometimes get worse county if they in addition to get your shoulder driven ground the other one is when a guy slammed down as head bangs off and he get one of those today there so you know brady you get brady and aaron rodgers what they mean to the market value of the nfl is you could put up you could put a value on it is priceless and.

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