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You the world mourning sixty three degrees at 520 hits tuesday july twenty five percent here's what's happening cops working on a tip pick up a nineteen year old for a series of sex attacks and chronic president trump working a boy scout jamboree last night for the fire his health and human services secretary nuclearbomb bomb care replacement doesn't go through you're fired senator john mccain just diagnosed with brain cancer returns to the senate today to vote on the health care bill and the head of the mta suspects in the subways will require more money from a city the mayor says the mta can't be trusted to spend it properly john luntz home is fighting off writers thing until wednesday accu weather cloudy with drizzle and fog and some sun breaking through this afternoon about cool high of seventy one market mad sang on to beat the padres the anc get back door tonight against the reds indera grows leaves the next design with a cavalier this is andrew o'day bloomberg michael kors the sounds of jews to match its handbags and spying jimmy two other morning for readings on the housing market wins news time 541 from the dodge traffic center here's gloria troppo starting out with construction on the westbound side rise highway all are closed between exits forty and thirty nine until six o'clock here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels there's late running construction on the outbound upper level of the george washington bridge t lanes are blocked it should have been out of the way already it'll be there for the probably at least until six and of course i keep you updated throughout the morning also the ramp from the henry hats and parkway to the outbound upper level of the george washington bridge is closed for repairs but that scheduled until eight o'clock this morning adding over to the arizona bridge staten island bound lower and upper level i have as a roadwork until six o'clock and the manhattan span of the arf caper age will because in both directions for 20minute lg intervals scheduled again until six o'clock and the brooklyn battery queens mitonne tunnel each only have one line open into and out of manhattan until six a m if we're not saying what you're seeing let me know call the allstate traffic tip line eight four four jan ten 10 i'm gary atop our next report at 531 antitemelin sponsored by durante rentals durante rentals the most dependable construction equipment rhythms with seven locations serving new york new jersey and connecticut durante rentals.

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