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Fine bombshell Friday edition ESPN radio 855-242-7285. Lots of stuff to do on the show today. I was trying to be positive. Braden Gaul in for Paul, by the way, gets me on Twitter. Please follow me. Please give me a follow. Tell me how much my take suck. I'm cool with that. At Braden gall. I enjoy it. If you take time out of your day to log on to Twitter, an application on your phone. To tell me how much you dislike my opinion, I am honored by that. I am moved 855-242-7285. I started the day by being positive. By saying, look, we're all stressed out by a conference of the alignment. We're all anxiety riddled college football freaks. What are some of the positive things that could come of this? And let's think about what it would be like for Texas and LSU to have played 30 years worth of football, three decades from now and how many unbelievable memories we would have from those games taking place. USC Michigan. Georgia Clemson, Florida state auburn, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia tech, Tennessee, North Carolina. You name it. That's what I want to know. That's how I started the show. And then we went to a dark place when I started insulting people's mustard based barbecue in South Carolina. You know what? Sometimes you gotta choose violence. 855-242-7285. Let's head back to the phone lines climb in Arkansas, Klein, what's up, man? How are you? Not much shows on the road going to a friend's house. And I have a question of what your opinion will be if West Virginia coming to the SEC are we kick out Missouri out of the SEC and go for a Big Ten team? So Kline, that is a great question. And I appreciate the call. Save travels out there, my man. I love this because I think first of all, I don't think there is a from what I understand. And from who I've talked to, I don't believe legally there is any way to kick a school out of a conference right now. I don't think that could you get rid of Vanderbilt to bring in Notre-Dame. I feel like you would do that in two seconds if you could. But I don't think you can. Now here's what's cool about Missouri or interesting, let's say about Missouri. Should Missouri decide it would like to go to the Big Ten. Let's say hypothetically with Kansas and bring another AAU institution with a sort of all around athletic competition that's fairly solid with the St. Louis market. And a new state for the Big Ten, would that be valuable and would Missouri and the SEC come to some mutual agreement to let them leave if the SEC felt like they could replace them. And my argument would be either Oklahoma state or West Virginia would be an awesome fit. West Virginia to me walks talks and acts like an SEC school. It has always been it just means more in Morgantown. Always. The fans, the brand, now the one problem with West Virginia compared to North Carolina as a state in Virginia as a state, not enough talent. They do not produce enough talent for the SEC to look at West Virginia and say, you know what? We've got to be in West Virginia. It's not even close to the same population size. Let's not get into the reasons as to why. But it's not even close to the population size for North Carolina and Virginia when it comes to producing football players, recruiting. And TV audience. So I love the idea of West Virginia and the SEC. I think they fit perfectly. And I would replace them from Missouri in two seconds. If I was in charge and didn't have to worry about any legal ramifications. Because I think Missouri walks and talks and acts like a Big Ten school. But I don't think they're leaving. And I don't think West Virginia is going to get an invite. I hope they do. I love that program. I hope they do. Give me some old major Harris and some pat white highlights. I'm good with West Virginia, man. I'm cool. 855-242-7285 Terence in Oklahoma terrance. What's up, man? Welcome to the Paul fine bomb show. Hey, not much, how you doing? Can you hear me okay? Yeah, I got you. Hey, so all that kind of agree with you, man. I like traditional stuff. And I think this realignment is not going to do anything. It's going to keep it the same people that's going to make it into the playoffs is going to be there. But something interesting, what if you take Texas, Oklahoma, northern name, you go ahead, throw in Oklahoma state, and mainly Baylor, and you take the North Carolina and you take the Virginia state and you form a conference that way. Because of our Texas and Notre-Dame has big money and you join those other two, man, and you got to recruit and recruit issues that's going to be real big, man. That's going to really put a lot of pressure on the SEC and also so the Big Ten as well, I think, man, that'd be something you just started a whole new conference since they're doing it. I'm going to hang up and you let me know what your thoughts are on that. Thanks, Terrence. I think that would have been a great idea ten years ago. And I'm not trying to be snarky here. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I think that we're past that. I mean, Texas and Oklahoma are members of the SEC. For all intents and purposes. They're not legally there yet, but I mean, this is a done deal. Now, here's what I'd like to know. And I don't, I don't know where the timelines, how they officially line up. Greg sankey and that four person committee that was working on playoff expansion said that they've been working on it for two years keeping it quiet. And if they had been working on it for two years and they were able to get the PAC 12, the big 12, the ACC and the rest of the other conferences to vote for expansion. I don't believe we are sitting here today with the problems we are facing. Because if the PAC 12 has an automatic path to the playoff and the big 12 has an automatic path to the playoff, why would Texas and Oklahoma USC or UCLA leave those conferences when they had automatic bids to the national championship tournament right in front of them? And let's be very clear, despite the jokes about Texas and the jokes about USC, what are the best programs in

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