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They have nothing to talk about other than this. This was the move. The other was Samir Nasri going to which is like a nothing move. Although he played great this weekend to doping suspension. Did you did? So. We asked if you know the answers to the questions, I never asked him being I don't know real number one. Actually that's number eighteen, but this is the only thing they talked about using the transfer market shows going. Well, that's it politic. That's and they were forced to talk about it. It's American players. That was pretty cool. All right. So we shall see. Maybe we should give the folks another dose of congratulations a Christian pulisic because that's incredible feat. Crushes. Janas transferred t two million. I think it was there's like ten guys that had that kind of transfer ever. And it seems like some of I think it was John Brooks in and it went like, no. But ten worldwide guys over seventy million. Yeah. No, no, no. If you look at it like acts one of the highest. Lamar was fifty eight million. And then trying to find something this is just percolating. And now, it's kind of receipted. I mean, there's no there will be a big move. I'm sure when Imbaba, and it's talked about event is whatever if that happens it's going to be an astronomical transfer. If he's out of con- if he's not out of contract. So those are going to happen. But I don't know. I don't all right. So you want some more savvy? Right. You locked into politic twenty fifth all-time too. I thought it was higher than that. All right. Never mind. Disregard. My previous point Frank Deboer is the new coach at Atlanta United. We saw him at the all star game. And we were I asked you because he's come in. I broke that story right? Then and there, but I thought he was coming for the national team job. I saw him in Atlanta could his brother Ronald, by the way, all these twins the devore's. And now, you have the skeletons, and we have both shed more and Gustavo now on the galaxy staff says, very cool. Anyway, it's not about the guys. It's about Atlanta United Frank damore. Sevi- Salazar had a chance to sit down with them here. It is. Frank you manage in Holland in Italy in England, so why at length the United for your next project. I was looking for something new, of course. And when day approached me. The directly very good feeling. How this structure structure is built at the club the people everything around also fantastic stadium. The possibility to work as good as possible as a as a manager. So than spoke. Of course, we the people and for me. There was no doubt that I want to to be managing this this club. How much did you know about how much did you been following Major League Soccer before you got the call? No, not dead Matz because we don't broadcasts in Holland to analysts. So this quite difficult. Luckily for us Eurosport's did the playoffs. So I could was the player. So I did. And and eventually when they approached me, of course, put more interesting, of course, in them less, and I knew already was. Upcoming leak. Some friends also worked there or still working there. And sometimes I've contact with him. And they also say, it's it's a really nice legal ready. But they want to. Get bigger and bigger. And and that is what happening. I think right now, what was the reaction from the people around you when you told them you were going to go to lend United MLS was there some surprise, of course, from surprises of quote because they didn't put that most interesting. To follow the MLS. And when day eventually did. And also, so what Atlanta United? Yes. Stands for and how how they doing at this moment yet. It's then they were surprised really. That's it's copetition. It's hot competition. Also, we traveling everything. So not essentially they could understand it. Then for example, I spoke with technical director of is Mark Overmars. And should we can learn a lot from clippers Atlanta United. So that means on. The professional sides of things Atlanta United has very good..

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