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He was seventy one not only did white play ten years for the celtics he won a gold medal at the 1960 olympics as a member of the men's basketball team and the pawtucket red sox are that much closer to getting a new stadium the rhode island's state senate approving a proposal to help fund the new ballpark now the legislation will head to the house wall street futures soaring this warning down futures up one hundred and forty points s p futures up ten nasdaq futures up twenty seven back to our top story now the snow which is blanketing the region about three inches is expected here in boston wbz tvs danielle niles gives us an overview including a surprising amount of snow fall in the case life itself for the most part so all the way from window new hampshire maine tested to stretching back up to southern meaning nor county new hampshire seacot salisbury's vile seeing a pretty good burst right now at flight so from western backup belong 190 to the route two quarter as well and the burst of selling came causes been kind of impressive this morning we've had one two three inches southern plymouth county back around rough conditions along route six swiss some snow covered travel chatham back down and target that's where the rain stolen is right now and that will continue to make northward progress here over the next couple of hours more toward are still coming up or traffic and weather together with just a couple of minutes southeast texas speed todd is getting a rare blast winter weather snow and ice wreaking abac on roads and at the airports houston airport systems coordinator frank giyoto says there have been hundreds of cancellation we are seeing partial closure of jfk boulevard in and out of bush airport along with us some of our parking garages have been closed about one hundred eighty people were stranded at houston's bush airport last night residents in charlestown terada jaffer disturbing early morning incident in the area of old ironsides way let's say a woman was sleeping at her apartment and was assaulted by a man who broke into her home about four o'clock yesterday morning she screamed the man ran out the front door this neighbor telling wbz tv series alarm town he adds unsettling now my mom knows a and.

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