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Aeges to be sent simultaneously across a single telegraph line something most people thought impossible this was a revolutionary innovation welcomed by an industry desperate increased traffic without erecting expensive new lines next came the electric pen the first product at us in offered to the general public electric pen sounds like something we'd see a hundred years later drawn electric tablet or computer screen but you could call it the great great grandparent of that edison's work on the automated to legacy a system that translated morse code into actual letters on strips of tape inspired the idea with pen in hand the user wrote outwards and sentences a needle inside rapidly poke through the pen tip leaving lines of tiny perforations that would create a stencil after a master document was completed a second device pressed inc through the stencil holes and made copies of the original wallah the world's first copy machine the pen was a sense ation with the business community when salesman i hit the streets with demonstration models but the enthusiasm didn't last even though it was a genius solution that could save secretaries from endlessly hand copying business documents the pen was heavy and difficult to handle and its batteries ran down to easily many were returned it was back to the drawing board again after several attempts edison had to shelve the product but there was a second act for this pen that was a head of its time in eighteen ninety one new york tattoo artist samuel f o'reilly developed an electric tattoo needle that was directly inspired by the electric pen it sped up the process and made the line work more precise thomas edison the father of the modern tattoo who have thought flush with cash from the success of the stock ticker and the quadriplegics circuit edison was ready to make a change city life in the eighteen.

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