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Seeing how it's playing out. When I first got here, it was barely sprinkling. About an hour ago, It officially began raining, and now it's coming down hard. Robert lives in Revere earlier this morning, I caught up with him. He was out walking his dog, Zoe, this interview really bad later on in the day, so this is our only chance to get To get her out. Does she handle the rain? Oh, she doesn't like it at all. How about you? Um I don't mind it don't mind. I think he would mind it now. That was about an hour and a half ago. It's pretty much harder now. Even the diehard dog walkers like Robert have cleared out. I am seeing a couple of puddles forming on Revere Beach Boulevard. Nothing serious but just an indication How hard it's raining. Now Reporting live from Revere Beach Sherry Small WBC Boston's NewsRadio 9 37 hour hear it everywhere, getting those 10,000 steps. But do we really need that many each day to stay healthy? One prominent local doctor is saying Not really. Those of us who are older, 10,000 steps of the is not that easy a goal to achieve, but that's a professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr I. Min Lee wondered why so high Well, she found out it comes from 19 sixties Japan. They call that pedometer Amanpour Key, which in Japanese is a 10,000 step meter. So it was a marketing tool to try and sell the pedometers with catchy names. So she ran an experiment and did notice that more steps meant better health up to a certain point it tape it off, actually at about 7500 steps. Beyond that, you did not get any additional benefit. Keep in mind. The study was specifically for older women. Dr. Lee is currently testing other demographics for now. I'll just be proud that you got off the couch today. Matt Shearer WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 9 38 Now time for business live to Bloomberg. Here's Tom Busby. Well, it's a pretty good start to the new trading day on Wall Street as worries about that Delta Covid 19 variant appear to have eased up, at least for today. That's got shares of airlines, cruise operators and a lot of retailers higher right now, the Dow up 247 points the NASDAQ, though down three the S and P. 500 up about 20 among the biggest gainers. General Motors shares up nearly 5% and analysts said its ambitious electric vehicle plans will transform that century old company. From an automaker to a technology firm. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on WBZ. Boston's news radio. All right there, Tom 9 39 as Elsa moves in.

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