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There have been solid with those two guys together. Jackson age does enough stuff as a cutter around the rim and a dump off guy that he's super dangerous despite the spacing issues. CJ has been great. BI has been really good when he's been healthy. After an adjustment period with CJ, I do think there are some interesting matchups in this game if assuming the spurs have everybody. I think you'll see a lot of the cell on CJ McCollum, which is kind of a fun matchup and a fun test for a really interesting second year player. Josh Richardson has also gotten the CJ McConnell match up quite a bit. And on the other end, I think we're going to see not on herb, not on herb, guarding Dijon Murray, who has morphed into an all star this year in just an ace long two jump shot maker. The boards are a key in one game, anything can happen, but these are two of the top ten offensive rebounding teams in the league. The spurs offensive rebound. Look at that. I think they're 8th in offensive rebounding. The pelicans are a great defensive rebounding team. The spurs are 24th. So are the pelicans? Can they generate 8 extra points? 6 extra points on offensive rebounding. That can be kind of the difference in this in a one game take all like this. My gut, I just think the pelicans, they just have more pure kind of capital T talent on hand when they have both McCollum and Ingram just more kind of explosiveness to them than the spurs who are faster and more explosive than they have been in the past and killed in Johnson's been rampaging for the last couple of months and all that. I just kind of think the pelicans have a little bit more firepower, but and a little bit more at stake. And I don't know if the players feel that, but they do need to win this game. The pelicans is an organization really need to win this game. I just think the firepower they have will carry them through by a little bit, but it would not surprise me if the spurs won. Yeah, you know, it's funny. I have the least amount of confidence on this game of the over four about what it's actually going to look like. I've been enjoying the Kelvin Johnson sort of experience lately. And I never loved him as a one on one player. Like yes, he's strong and he can use that strength to get to the hoop, but like so could Stanley Johnson in his first few years and I was sort of not a Kelvin Johnson guy and like all the sudden. Okay, maybe his dribble game isn't deceptive enough. It doesn't matter, but he's become this really nice complimentary piece against a catch and shoot player. He gives the spurs a lot of structure. He's asked to do a lot kind of now as a essentially as a four man for all practical purposes, and that's what he is. It'll be fun to see how one of these, hey, we're not going big and you're not going small. Let's see how it plays out with possibly gets haze. But I really enjoyed, you know, Johnson and pearls kind of interesting. He's one of these skills not stretch bigs. And they did a really nice job in the first couple of matchups against New Orleans. With turtle in the short roll game, right? And you got to make Valentine's defend a little bit in space. You know, they even use Kelvin Johnson in that capacity with pearl in a couple of the march games to that effect. So I mean, that was sort of something you think. I mean, San Antonio will come up with a few things that are clearly, you know, that will work that give them an advantage against as you say, better talent, but I don't have a huge feel, even though these teams both played in each other in March about what it's going to look like apart from that. But yeah, I mean, it's been fun to kind of get to know the spurs, a little bit again, as kind of knowing, we're going to have to talk about them and sort of watching them and obviously Dijon has just become just an incredibly creative player. With defensive capacity, just can change the game as a defender a bit. Wasn't on my ballot this year, but I do think that, again, it also, it gives them a fighting chance behind them. They're not a great defensive team, but he is great against the point of attack. He's a great weak side. Guard defender because he can just come so quick. It'll be a fun game. Again, I don't want to insult the good people of New Orleans and San Antonio. This is my least interesting game. And it's a very interesting game. Agreed. I think disperse are playing pretty well. The pelicans are playing pretty well when they have everybody. Match up, it's kind of interesting. It's two teams that don't shoot a lot of threes, but the pelicans have kind of more of that variance explosion to them than the spurs do. The spurs, of course, give up no threes at all. That's just a Popovich constant. I'm picking the pelicans their home. I just think they're more explosive and that lineup has been working well. And they found their bench is kind of stabilized with Jose alvarado. I don't know how much Trey Murphy will play. I like Trey Murphy. I think that kid's got a chance to be really good as a complimentary wing player and has had a couple of big games a couple of exclusive games, but a couple of big games down the stretch and the pelicans have been playing like for their lives for a long time here. I'm gonna take them, which means I've taken all the home teams, I guess, and which would give us the nets is the 7, so we are pretty, here's what my predictions and I think we got all the same predictions. I'm with you on everything. Give us the nets as the nets is the 7th seed facing the Celtics, the wolves, as the 7 seed facing the grizzlies, that would be awesome. Just that's my series. I'm going to Memphis, by the way. I'm Memphis. Two of the loudest, two of the loudest trash talker talking teams in the league. One of them is backed it up with tons of wins. The other I was watching, I think I was watching, I was watching spurs warriors on Saturday night because I wanted to see, I chose that game, I want to see how draymond was like, I knew both teams set tons of guys. Draymond looked great by the way. He looks like draymond again. And the spurs announcers were having a little aside about the play in and this and that. And I think it was Bill land, the play by play, guys said, you know, the wolves, the wolves act like they've actually won something in this league. And I think that's the kind of like, that's how people think of the wolves and their trash talk, which got most of the attention when they just humiliated Russell Westbrook and the Lakers. Just as this team that's a little too big for their britches, like Memphis, the britches fit, 'cause when you win 55 plus games, talk your talk. Like you back it up every game. There's this sense that the wolves are a little too little too yappy, a little too loud. I kind of like it. I kind of like that for the wolves. I kind of think they should lean into that. And then we would get clippers, pills for the 8th seed and hawks calves for the 8th seed and I would probably pick the home team. But I would probably pick the clippers and the hawks and those games respectfully Cleveland would be at home. I misspoke there. So that's where we are. I guess we'll see starting tomorrow. We get the first two playing games. Playing week, they made a whole week out of this. If you make the playoffs now, you get like a week off. It's actually kind of another added bonus to being in the top 6, you get a week to rest and recuperate, which for the Mavs, as we mentioned earlier, that could be huge. I'm very excited about either outcome in the clipper Timberwolves game. Because I have been assigned to Memphis, I fly there on Thursday. And if I get the Timberwolves then I'm going to be writing a lot of really fun news or about all just the bile that is on the floor directed at one another and that could be fun and also be fun to kind of see that sentence.

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