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What's up everybody welcome back to couple thing Sean and Andrew a podcast all about couples the things they go through today. I am truly truly fan girling when I received the message on instagram when they replied yes. We'll tell you who they are in again. I ran lobster on house. I couldn't breathe I thought I was living. In a daydream when I tell you this John was. In giddy with excitement. I'm not lying today we sit down with Glennon doyle and Abby Wambach to legends in their own right and power couple together Abby Wambach I mean two time Olympic gold medalist, literally the goat and soccer I mean the greatest really known as the best soccer player of all time two time Olympic gold medalist. She's also a New York Times bestselling author as is her counterpart, her wife Glennon Doyle who has written books like love warrior untamed. Yes. We will link the information for that. Glennon is making a massive name for herself in the untamed world preaching this. Concept of being untamed being true to yourself. She is in the reading circles, OPRAH? Race Witherspoon Creston Mel I mean everybody. She's amazing. What's right. So this was the conversation that I think we put the most thought into. We had the most fun with and it was also the most challenging in a lot of waste. So here's a deal Glennon story is this she was in traditional marriage had several kids divorced met abby and married. Abby and so she has caught a lot of slack from dissenters but also has gained Colt liked devotion others, and here's our stance I think whether you are blindly in love with somebody or disagree adamantly with somebody for whatever the reason it's important to still be able to have a respectful conversation still be able to be thoughtful. So be able to listen in Glean things that you do like and you don't like and so. I enjoyed today because it's so much good things to say and tell you from fathers perspective that I want to be like them and so many different ways. Yes. I. It was the greatest conversation of all time I..

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