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You know, a George peop-. You talk about waiting for our Parker. People always waiting for game of thrones, George Martin says a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies the man who never reads lives. Only one reading really does let you live other lives. That's reading journaling. Okay. University of Texas study done by slasher and Penteker says that if you can journal for twenty minutes a day, then they did this with with student together in your romantic relationship after the three month. Mark I was joke. Three months must be a long relationship at the university of Texas or any college campus. Really? But the point is there's been other studies done on people with chronic neuro muscular pain, some research done by the national society, and they found that if those patients can journal for six weeks writing about the positive things in their day that the six month Mark the doctors could reduce their pain medication by up to fifty percent. So reading or writing I it's funny. Like, you know, here we're older people. And we're talking about reading reading like, there's a reason that's the first thing they teach you in school, and sometimes we just need to go back to the basics. Reading and writing can be thought can be there Buick can be productive. And the research says both those things are worth focusing on. I don't know what was wrong with him. Anyway. Sorry. You know, everybody handles things differently as well. And you know, who knows what was going on in his life. But I think there can be you know, sort of that dark side to it or perhaps there was in his life, and, you know, back in the day when we weren't as connected, or maybe it wasn't going out, and you were just kind of, you know, focused entirely on writing. But to to leave that side out the writing the reading side out. I think you're neglecting a lot of things. And you know, I think it's like you said there's a lot of research that goes into it that actually is a lot of health benefits to it. Just in just you people say when I say of talk about reading they say the biggest objections are they say, I don't got time to read. That's the first say research shows that we read more words per day now that we've ever read before history. It's interesting you probably read a book day who whatever whoever's listening just by how many emails text alerts. Notifications blog skims, all that crap added up together is a book. Just take poll twenty minutes from that. You know, what I do I cancelled five magazine subscriptions in Tunis papers of Griffin's spoke some books. Okay. The second objection. I was here is one my supposed to read the big five publishers put over thousand new books day. It's true five hundred thousand a year, plus five hundred thousand more of you self publishing. So you're author it's hard to sift through the pile. What Amazon recommends the same twenty five books we over and over again, I'm like I already read out liars slept telling me to read out liars. Right. So what I do. So I launched podcast I'm trying to uncover the thousand miles former of books in the world for the next fourteen years, although up to September first five fifty two him onto thousand thirty one. 'cause I'm publishing on the lunar calendar, I'm asking three hundred thirty three people. Gimme the three books that changed your life. And that's my strategy for answering those two objections. You do have time just cut away, your your new skin, you know, and all help you find the wants to read 'cause all interview, Chris Anderson of Ted, Judy Blume. Mitch Albom mental. Ask them. So the podcast is called three bucks. That's my one little shell three bucks is my pockets because that's those are Jimmy the two ways that we have to get around. This these two mental hang-ups we have about books you can do it. You just need to make the time and you need to figure out. What's the read? Absolutely. Right. And so last thing before move onto the resiliency aspect, which is what I want to primarily focus on today. What are.

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