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Wlw News, Traffic and Weather News Radio 700 W ell delegate Cincinnati Very violent night in Cincinnati. This is the 11 30 report. Hi. Sandy Collins breaking out started around midnight. Four people shot and killed, 18 in all were shot in four separate incidents in just over an hour. The worst shooting 10 people shot on Nick, Nick and Lang Street. About one o'clock this morning. Two people there died and the others taken to the hospital. Around the same time. Four people shot In Avondale on the shelf Auntie Avenue. One person was killed there. The first shooting that got things underway was in Walnut Hills about an hour before on Lincoln and Gilbert Avenues. Three people were shot at that location. Here's assistant chief Paul Negate what we have is one extremely violent night in the city of Cincinnati. Looking at possibly 17 victims up to four that could be fatal at this time. And, uh, why That's gonna be the question way. Just don't know again. That number updated to 18 since he he spoke. No arrests have been made and No suspects has been named traffic and weather together across the tri state looking at great driving conditions. There are no accidents reported and it looks like everybody is cooperating today. No unusual delays. Now ladies forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news Radio 700 WLW for tracking the passage of a cold front today, and it means we'll see a few scattered showers and storms this afternoon. Nice today will be in the low eighties with partly cloudy skies and tonight will cool off in the low sixties s skies clear tomorrow Be picture perfect, mostly sunny skies and highs around 80 degrees. From severe weather station I'm nine first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield News Radio 700 WLW. It's nice, 75 degrees in Cincinnati right now and arrest by Middletown Police of the man they say killed Jamaica Calhoun. He's 41 year old Anson Pride. Ah, he is in custody. The woman's five year old Daughter was in the home at the time that her mother was killed. He said the woman appeared to have fought her attacker. How she was killed, has not been released Students to go back to classrooms this fall here in Ohio.

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