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It's caught taking punches in or pulling punches i'm seeing people said aaron of follow through a haymaker i saw that term be used jiang he pulled the punch what do you mean by that when you pull apart you want the person to build the wind of it but you really are trying to land he hit him with the inside of his pom and let me show you and tell you hi pull it when you watched a video if i pull your shirt and punch you i'm gonna to connect dole things go hand in hand paul you punch you he got the poll he with donna punch i do like headlock as a response i love it because it's like it's something that you do to a child so we do a little brother sir calmed down i'm not going to try to punch you i'm just gonna try to restrain you so you can't punch me it treats you like a child and what i am telling the public as i told you win adam silver doles out his fines for that incident there's another gentleman for orlando that also threw a punch that pulled it all the exact same boy what do you mean there was someone else involved in altercation he comes to play peacemaker did he tries to throw a chicken wing i like this though the aggressive the aggressive peacemaker dj august in fourteen yes he also do the airmaker so we watch this this foods a few times i didn't see dj augustyn throw any kind of pontypridd child throat punch or do anything but kinda walkover think about throwing a punch your gig involved than think about the money was going to cost him and then his way for the rest of you know what i would have done in net skirmish in that may lanes brand in that task stop screamed and ran almost like when there is a fumble and multiple people are just dive in on another and of this year's alonzo trotta see who's going to come up with the lose ball.

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