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Like to know this guy lester okay now we built it up and like as if i know it on talking about and i'm probably gonna completely butcher this but whatever so here's what happened nbc model view controller was started by this guy called trygve like runes gal for some ruins galax something like that starts at the nar trygve trygve he started nbc he wanted a way to abstract the user interacting with the view and the underlying model that was was behind it right that represented the there's underlying model and then the view is kind of the graphical representation of that so he wanted to abstract that such that the user is just interacting with the view layer this view object thing and then behind the scenes you have the separation of concerns such that you can get code reuse and you know you just don't like this for example you don't have view logic in your motto or they're just not mixed up right again i'm probably would but so that's what happened and so in in his regional interpretation of it the con the model and the view layer directly communicate now so what happens in irs apples nbc is not really the traditional nbc what happens is basically it's like this model view adapter where the view controller which is supposed to be the controller of nbc is really this intermediary between the model and the view and things just pass through the controller ak the view controller so one they're already deviated but you know it's fine everyone has their own interpretations but that was one thing that happened so already we're already getting off on shaky grounds because you're using a name of a concept that her has already been defined in your changing it but okay one mistake that's fine it's a naming thing sometimes i think people use the wrong name and i'm like screw it i'm going to name it this because they shouldn't have named that they took the the concept of that name view models for example we can get to that later in terms of mvm but so that was one that was one thing the other thing is controllers so as reading the martin fowler's refectory books some martin fellow but whatever he was saying in there the i think it was a small talk like who you guys basically they realized that the view and the controller were often tightly coupled so what they did was they just would just combine them hey what does it sound like oh of you oh view controller oh interesting okay so so i thought we had the separation of model view and controller so you know code reuse separation of concerns but okay they're going to put them to you know to responsibilities warm thing you know you know the you know i'm sure at the time they had the reasoning to do that like they were like hey these things are so tightly coupled and it makes sense to put them together they're they're so again there's another little mistake something something went wrong but that one little mistake that one little tweak by itself you know probably wasn't enough to to make the big the big problems so another thing is part of this is that a model view controller was.

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