Saudi Arabia, President Trump, Saudi Consulate discussed on Rush Limbaugh


New York. I heart radio station. Got fifty three degrees at two o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Saudi Arabia today to discuss the missing Saudi journalists in US resident Jamal kashogi Shoghi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate an October second where Turkish officials believe he was murdered their reports. The kingdom is preparing to admit he was killed during an interrogation gone wrong. And the president has been hesitant to accuse Saudi Arabia in kashogi death. President Trump declared on Twitter this morning that he has no financial interest in Saudi Arabia. The president writes, quote, any suggestion that I have is just more fake news. But at a campaign rally in August, two thousand fifteen the president seemed to boast about his business dealings with the kingdom. Saudi Arabia, and I get along great with all they buy apartments for me. They spent forty million sixty million. My supposed to dislike him, I like him very much. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. A Long Island man accused of drunk driving in the death of a boy scout is today. Pleading not guilty Suffolk County DA. Tim Seaney says Thomas Murphy was arraigned on an upgraded aggravated vehicular homicide count, assault and other charges. This defendant will be held accountable for his actions. Seaney says the fifty nine year old Holbrooke man's blood alcohol level was nearly two times the legal limit when his SUV plowed into a group of scouts last month on a road in Mandeville twelve year old Andrew McMorris of waiting river was killed and four other scouts were hurt. One. Seriously, Murphy's lawyer read a statement following the arraignment in which Murphy once again apologized, I'm Lisa G for seven ten W O ARA police searching for a missing teenage girl after her parents were found dead inside their Wisconsin home. Police are looking for thirteen year old Jamie clause. There's been a possible sighting of the girl at a gas station in.

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