Barack Obama, Anderson Cooper, President Trump discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


Yeah it's a michelle and barack obama with the got higher numbers that's the only time twenty four million thing yeah this is the this is i know i watched it was a point for me not only did i watch i watched again last night i watched the anderson cooper again last night because i wanted to go over it did you i didn't watch it when it air but i've watched lots of parts and pieces of it she's very persuasive yes i it's hard i could be wrong on this let me just say that it's in discussing anything about the current president it's important to say that if you were on television you could end up in the cabinet it is very possible that donald trump could could see david on the playoffs that older guy kim gave it would you like to be the secretary thanks possible tv is is very large in his life so you know that he's watch this it's not a magical right that he hasn't watched it i'd like to go back over a couple of things here and that is at that time she is twenty six years old he is sixty years old and the i believe her i do i totally believe that this happened i can't imagine that people don't believe that it happened but there's a couple of things that happen which now seeing it for a second time give me pause one is the notion that where she said.

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