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You know as fun is exciting you know whatever was can happen like as an adult that stuff is scary yaluk stressful and unlike having like mine panic attacks they're like stuck in this space and later oxygen is if you don't have bradley trying to be cool about a bradley bradley would love to go to space he's very quick he says that all the time is like i want to mars whatever i don't i want to stay right here in he can't figure out why i feel that way you his idaho you flown with me i don't even do on an airplane and this spaces like tight nervous i mean okay if you if anything how is a atmosphere you no basic i would just advise that you really watch apollo thirteen as an adult and then like really think about do you handle that situation if it arose and then sit in a very small space and think about scary things happening and if you can handler bat you might be okay to go to space camp old i'm not even a claustrophobic person but like i mean that was a lot handle by the way space camp also in under appreciated movie does your wife shamil the i watched baseball's no no no space camp inese watched face camp please campaign is jammed no space camp michael is on leah thompson do you know who she is in that movie leah thompson it rings a bell she's from here she played michael georgia's bomb in back to the future he's young okay this is his age but i'm nate in this movie okay just go with go with the theme they go to space camp a bunch of kids go to space camp k and they get this golden opportunity to to lure a rocket that is going to be launch and again launched they end up accidentally getting launched during the tasked hold my face and they have back from you guys it is such a good movie it there under such a good movie one is this hold on i'm looking at because i think '86 1980 six who else was an arm allotted i think you'll out of a non hour think avenue the people at the time if like space.

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