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It wasn't for michael thompson who loves to come in and visit with mason and ireland on wednesday afternoons. I would spend this entire first segment wailing away about what happened on. Hbo last night and what subsequently turned into a viral video today on fox sports one. And i'll get there. And i know george will want to get there but let me say. Good afternoon to michael thompson. Who is in our downtown. la studios. Hey mt how are you. Ma'am hey thanks to you. I'm going to be really stuck in traffic going home and that five o'clock traffic thanks. A lot cast lots of aware saddam. He couldn't lead the cuban sandwich of behind had to wait for the order. It's so funny. Because george and i were on the phone. This is twenty minutes ago and he said to me is exactly what he said to me goes. I had a meeting today. With dave roberts and i went wait a second i thought. The dodgers were in philadelphia and it turns out that. There's somebody else named dave roberts that he had a meeting with in beverly hills where he was having lunch and so i realized quickly he wasn't talking about the same day roberts that i was thinking of. So yes michael if you get stuck in major traffic today which is not an if but when a win. Oh yeah please blame sodano not well. It was going to be trapped at four o'clock from say three o'clock on going down to four or five is a parking lot. So i was stuck away. Yeah and you've got. You got quite a drive ahead of you to right. I mean you're going from downtown. La two to orange county laker games. Eleven o'clock at night ten thirty eleven o'clock at night takes forty seven minutes to get home now at this time of day. Take me about two twenty three. Oh my god dude. I always was fascinated by stu lantz. Who drive from south san diego all the way up to la. I was like what are you doing. He's like no. I live in san diego. That's where i wanna be and that's what he did. But you know what though you has. What four months off everywhere where he doesn't have to do it. Yeah teacher you get the summers off. Hey michael let me get your opinion on something as we come on the air here this afternoon because it's a story that i know i've been fascinated by and that is the dennis schroder story. I've been these headlined. And here's the headline. i see. Schreuder is out of his mind with what has happened here and people will put the comparison four years. Eighty four million on this side to play for the lakers one year. Five point nine million to play for the celtics. I'm very curious to hear what you have to say about this. But i want to say one thing. If i were the celtics i'd be saying this to dennis schreuder. Hey man get over it. Okay you your agent. Whoever somebody made a mistake but that's over. And if you ever want to become a twenty million dollar a year player you better get your stuff together. Otherwise all we're getting is some five point nine million dollars back. Do you wanna be the player you thought you were or you're gonna see here and whine and cry about this. We're giving you an opportunity. Come play michael. What do you say to this man. I feel so bad. I try to feel bad for dentists. But let's put it this way. Schreuder wasn't so shrewd when it came to negotiating whizzy. Listen you want to have sympathy for but cap off the lakers offered him twenty one million bucks a year for years. Eighty four million obviously dennis overvalued his value in the nba. He's a good player and he had his team offer him. Twenty one million dollars a year to stay here and play with lebron james. Now maybe they would've traded him. Who knows but he's still got his money so he obviously overvalued his overestimated his value. Either him or his agent or whoever close in a circle is i think he was thinking. I want twenty five million bucks year. They were offering you twenty one now. Maybe you said okay well. Let's meet the middle lakers or wherever let's get for let's settle for twenty three. And maybe the lakers said no but twenty one million bucks. Yeah you gotta understand your place in this league. Kevin durant lebron. Anthony davis luca. Those kind of place. Go turn it down and go you know. I'll wait any. They get hurt. They still gonna get paid like hawaii. Reich hawaii opted out still gets paid. Because he's freaking leonard. Of course it's going to get paid on joel embiid players of that calibre yokich and dennis had realized. I'm not that type of player. I'm not a franchise player if my teams offer me twenty one million dollars here to stay here for the next four years where they get treated on. Not i'm afraid. I gotta understand my value here in my worth and my status in this league and i gotta take this basically. This is the third time this has happened to a player now. the first time happened to nerlens noel. Now playing for the new york knicks. He got offered for seventy two man for four years from philadelphia to take any turn that down. You know what he ended up signing with the next year tuxedo. Colwell pope was off at eighty. Five for five from detroit. Pistons turned it down. He ended sunday with the lakers. For i think seventeen because lebron wanted to make sure he got he got over here and he had the basically signed one year deals for the next couple years to try to get recoup some of that money and eventually he has made it up he just signed a forty million dollar deal by the latest now with washington. And he's gonna make up the eighty-five filings going to get to that total. But he had to scrimp scrimping and kinda worry about it for a couple of years and so now. This is the third time a guy has turned out. Eighty something million dollars to have to settle for basically you know chump changed and by nba standards right so let this be a lesson to future players in his league. Who are not franchise players when your team office you close to what you want. Take it because you never know what's going to happen and free agent market. 'cause obviously dennis thought was the summer rolls around. I'll have five or six or ten guys Coming at me offering me twenty five million a year. That didn't happen john collins. I was worried about him. In atlanta the young ford out of atlanta atlanta last year often them ninety million for four years..

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