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This one is going to be all about. Dna methylation and his study relating to dna methylation. He's got two studies remember. I released the one on telomeres and how they affect your biological age. And this one is dna methylation and how it affects your biological age. And he's gonna explain what it means and the studies that he is conducting right now. Okay so and in addition as another piece to this what is he using to help reduce his patients biological age in these two areas. Now these are two pretty major areas that determine how well we are aging so would he is trying to do is show in his studies that using these particular peptide bio regulators out of russia. He can reduce the biological age of his patients. Pretty cool stuff. you guys. Now get a preface this by saying none of this is medical advice. This is all for educational purposes only. I'm not going to talk anymore about this. Because i'm gonna let dr bill lawrence do all the talking in this podcast. I'm good at just tell you about a few things going on if you wanna watch and see the slides from some of his amazing presentations in europe. That he's done then. Go to my youtube channel. Make sure that you subscribe. Because i am publishing a lot of my podcast interviews on youtube now not all of them but a lot of them julia and subscribe it sandy caney tricia like everywhere else. I'm on twitter. I'm on talk. i'm on instagram. But most probably at syndicate nutrition on facebook private women's facebook groups indicating attrition health lifestyle queen. I'm on clubhouse sakata everywhere you guys. I'm also a registered holistic nutritionist. I do work with clients. I work with clients only. I do do concerts as well. But typically i work with clients for a three month period and my focus is always with women over forty so with this. I am going to cut on through to this interview. Because it is a little lengthy. Do feel free to subscribe share Definitely review because that means the world to us podcasters when we get reviews. And i would love to hear from you sandy at sandy cay. Nutrition if you wanna get in touch with me and for now. Let's cut on through to dr bill lawrence partout. Dna menthylatim heroin. Welcome to santa caney attrition health and.

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