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With Gordon deal thanks for spending time with us welcome into Wednesday March eleventh Gordon deal Jennifer could shrink some of our top stories and headlines Byton claims more momentum over Sanders with primary victories last night including Michigan one thousand coronavirus cases in the U. S. versus eighty seven thousand flu cases congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says people avoiding Asian restaurants are racist about corona virus E. S. P. ends as the NBA may move games to cities not impacted by corona virus Wall Street journal says Pepsi is close to buying the rockstar energy drink FS one says rob Gronkowski may join the W. W. E. and the favorite college mascot that's retiring that story in about twenty minutes has over regulation hurts our ability to fight the new coronavirus in the U. S. Dr Roger Klein an expert with the regulatory transparency projects FDA and health working group thinks it has he is the former medical director of molecular pathology at the Cleveland Clinic and a former adviser to the FDA and CDC doctor how do you see this what we're doing is we are there to fear of the unknown right now and it's being obligated by the by some extent media reports say and maybe a lack of knowledge in some cases yeah and they and people are I think blowing this way out of proportion most people who get sick with this with this virus the experience a very mild disease are we better prepared than other countries to battle this I think we are I mean I I look where we're falling down here is impacting and the problem is one of over regulation what's going on is the FDA is preventing hospitals from tactic the way they did in the H. one N. one epidemic and what happened in that case everybody was was very frightened about it hospital got tapped up I'm I'm wide rapidly started tapping thousands of patients and what we found out what it really wasn't any worse than ordinary hello but we got information very quickly we could we we were able to diagnose people right away and manage them appropriately and in that case there's no real treatment what we're talking about is is identifying people finding them in either isolating that people who have disease are quarantining them if they if they're exposed finance providing supportive care in and what we need at the hospital to be able to tap so that the doctor can order the tap and right away in a very short time to manage the patient appropriately and and only the hospital can do that if you either it's great to have question lab core involved the commercial after Bob but they've got a four day turnaround time so why is the FDA preventing some of this testing the FDA I you have to be up BA I I don't yep yep based on a risk benefit calculation where you have a disease that potentially could potentially cause an epidemic can cause death and you don't have a treatment you're really using that that the result to isolate somebody or or to to quarantine people that the risk of harm him seem quite low if relative to map testing which is what's going to happen what we need to do is we need to get out there and tap people who have mild symptoms we need to do it in the hospital we need to get people when they come in the hospital what could get captive and identify those folks I yeah but I never I just received an email from a friend in a major institution who told me that they're there unfortunately they because they can't set up their camp there have been committed to allocate bad then they take people in with the station they're taking hospital beds in there waiting on people who may not even have coronavirus most people probably have the flu comment the what and if we go out and we can if we if we connect people with mild symptoms were gonna understand better what the Rangers goal of the disease how severe it is and we'll have that how widespread is that and when we end yep we cap will monitor it to understand in this way when it when it seems to be spreading or not right we're speaking with Dr Roger Klein is an expert with the regulatory transparency project we're talking about corona virus this so you you are calling for this the widespread and dial it liberal diagnostic testing is one of the bullet points says here is that tied to these kids that we seem to be short of but are ramping up production of this week I think that there are almost a distraction since when did the government of a medical test manufacture we what we've done is we've we've engaged in in centralized planning for protecting them it doesn't work better anywhere in drag every in diagnostic testing any better but it doesn't anywhere out and what we need to do what we need to let the hospital go leave them alone let them set up their cap and let them have their patients under look B. B. blab the regulator they have highly trained professionals not the let the birds that are going to set this up are going to be those with with with some very experienced personnel major Saturday we need to let them do their job doctor doctor Roger Clyne expert with the regulatory transparency.

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