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Of players. Jack Harris Aaron Jacobs, Jeff kurkin doll and Natalie aquaria. You're listening to a AM Tampa Bay. Well, good morning. We've got a split squads this morning. Erin. And I've rod casting from fridge restaurant here in Riverview, man. You oughta see the food sprint Jeff you'd love this. Oh, you're going to make him jealous. I'm just gonna turn them show off right now. Here we go. And it's a dismay now. Okay. And I'm hungry. Somebody bring me some food. We will have to bring him some food anybody's going back to the station. We got anybody. You went back to the station. I actually at one point at some point, I will be so five dollars played. Actually, if you if you only five dollars, you get a whole plate that you can fill up, so many just bring gravy for you. Jim. Figure by the time you get hit you lick that up anyway, I'll get a blank paper plate when you get here. There's some things that look great. And they even said they burn some toast for me. But anyway, we're broadcasting from fridge and invite you to come by to join the MP. Oh, a metropolitan planning organization in their efforts to find out what we need in the way of transportation in the coming years. And we're talking about Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties together. And that's what it's all about. And in the meantime, we'll get around to that, but Kate along is going to tell you, why we probably need some transportation innovations right now because the traffic well Jack you know we're not looking too bad right now so far this morning from the Florida central credit union home loans traffic center. We are looking good so far our interstates and expressways, no accidents to tell you about on I two seventy five. We have a smooth ride north and southbound from a to seventy five from Fletcher avenue all the way into Pinellas county and down through the skyway. Looking good on I seventy five as well both north and southbound through Pasco Hillsborough now at four showing no delays no problems on the settlement or the veterans expressway. Is this? Morning either yet this report sponsored by car. Lots lots with Z, lots offers car buyers convenience of a dealership and sellers, the value of a private sale, so you can have a both ways. Visit Carlos today on east between two seventy five and north Nebraska avenue. He extra update at five twenty K long NewsRadio. WFL LA. And let's see his, I gotta tell their go, five ten coming up on five eleven and you can join us anytime this morning. We'd love to have you join us here and take the survey. If you're anywhere out on three a one fridge restaurant is at sixty five hundred and it's on the west side of three a one sixty five hundred and you'll see the signs out here and everything, but we want you to come in and join the M, P O and.

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