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A switch or turning the dial thing of the past just say Alexa play came away on I heart radio Colorado's news traffic and weather station available on over two thousand devices await news radio this is an I heart radio station K. away newsradio eight fifty eight AM and ninety four one FM the fifty thousand watt blowtorch of the rocky mountain west Kaley news radio times ten o'clock I'd have watered our top story of billionaire Democrat jumps into the presidential race details coming up downtown on something like twenty five or thirty eight Park Avenue exit back up into the I. seventy interface backing up both those ramp from I. twenty five north on a twenty five full slowed six foot breaks free Colfax north bound to good shape hold back end up to get on to I seventy westbound I. seventy started back in the Peoria once again back enough of that the ram from north bound to two five westbound I. seventy slow usual spot there Colorado was bound to seventy slowed Vasquez restore hi way drive though in pretty good shape earlier crash being cleared off the highway six in Peoria this report sponsored by invisible fence dot com invisible fence brands been the leader in Pat containment for forty five years now that's three hundred fifteen dog years to celebrate their taking three hundred fifteen dollars off their exclusive boundary plus containment system go do invisible fence dot com learn more that's invisible fence dot com I recall going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic weather stays warm two eighty nine degrees we are quickly reaching what is typically the warmest time of the year for us the final three weeks of July they will drop down to fifty six.

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