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Just on the pretax amount fly on jones's would you he was just saying i'm with that in that i don't don't make the math harder riots just two times the first number i've known that for years has abu allstar trying to do no tax on them and accidentally chris or something yeah it's not it's no guo next time we go out i'll make sure that you compensate for the fact that i'm not tipping on attack that's fine what are you going to the ice based on your twitter feed this morning all entertaining what was that eager to hours on ripping brennan and the new deal i was planning added i feel like i kind of have to help purchase man the bread bolden support out there are you aware this yeah people like brennan but i like launch read about brady getting his way holy smokes this is what you call bull than his useless special teams buddy worthless little specialty earth i just i got so yelling at me i got match chatham yelling at beige walker i beguel pats cap yelling at me it's like about bread that bolden so the people around with a minimum salary benefit deal which means emphasised pena 23rd how many jobs special teams only guys they need like that's the real point i don't care that he makes nothing how many worthless special teams only guys that they need and he is brady's bodies so like again we got brady calling the shots on the offseason i had the the other side piece to it is i thought i thought after the malcolm butler thing i thought maybe there'd be like a little more questioning of build just a little bit more now it's the same business the same it's just when you start arguing about brandon it all albany super bowls of you wanted jones id bill as five super bowl rings actually seven that's the name of his boat he actually has seven so it's just it's it's right back to them buy you're the very beginning didn't.

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