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Are clearly important prospects. Why not? I mean, listen, let let's just take it down a notch how we're going to start heavy and we're gonna slow it down here a little bit here, Okay? NPR's 68. Will Wilson had a really nice play today. This is a guy who projects is kind of a utility guy. Maybe even starting second baseman down the line. I would like to note to everybody that he had two heirs in one inning over the weekend. So one nice play has not fully negated that situation. But what are we seeing out of? Will Wilson both in the field and at the plate. So far, because this is a guy. Let's not forgive the Giants paid pretty handsomely for essentially by in the Zach Cozart trade. You know, I don't think that a Dustin Pedroia comparison is fair toe. Will Wilson because I don't think that he has that type of the ceiling. But there are Dustin podria like qualities and will Wilson's bat. The guy pulls the ball really well. When he gets a fast ball, he can yank at the exit velocities off his bat or impressive and he's fast. He's athletic on the diamond plays up the middle. Well, it's second base. I I really do believe that deter his best position. Second base the two air game you're referencing. Was it third base? I'm not so sure that he has the arm of the range there. But it's second base. He fits in quite quite nicely in the infield. And I do think that the will Wilson is somewhere where the average is going to continue to take up over the course. The minor league season you'll receive less swing and miss from him as well, Um, or discerning eye at the plate from him as well. And I think back to when Joe Panik was a rookie in 2014 is making all sorts of contact was hitting 300. Was more athletic because he was a college shortstop and then injuries have got in the way of Joe panics career, and he's never been the same since that rookie season. But I do think that will Wilson at his peak can be that 2014 version that Joe Panik was. Where is a high contact guy? You can drive the ball into the gaps he could, You know, bridge excitement from the top of the line up to the middle of the order. I'd really do think that there's a reason the giant scouts identified Wilson for what this Giants team is going to be about the future. Listen, Carrie, you and I both like that. Is there a place for that kind of player in baseball? Still, though, is that is that a guy of a bygone era? I think that on the right team, there's a place for that. I think that that's why the Giants were so aggressive and targeting Tommy List L a this offseason because you look at Tommy lost Ella and the baseball reference page of the back of his baseball card. Not all that impressive. Tommy lost. Ella does nice things he hits 2 70. The OBP is 3 30, but you actually watch him play and he grinds down pictures he grinds down at that's starting pitchers. When they open the game against time in the cellar are more often than not going to see seven or eight pictures against him than 2 to 3 because that's how he works in a baton that may not benefit. Tommy lost Ella in the long run, but you bet it's going to benefit Alex Dickerson and Brandon Belt and Evan Longoria further down in the order. We've already seen evidence of that. During spring training. I think that will Wilson could be that guy. I don't know that he'll have the same plate discipline or same back control that Tommy let Stella will have. But I do think that there are similar qualities in there where he can help a lineup be better than you know the sum of its parts. That sort of thing. Talking to carry Crowley of the Bay Area news group in KNBR. He knows Tommy La Stella's obp off the top of his head. And I want to ask you about Steven Duggar, who isn't hitting, but when he does hit, it seems to go out of the park. We know the glove is there. This is a guy who's right on the fringe, and I was talking adult Johnson about this yesterday on the show, Like we were all excited about Steven Duggar. We knew he wasn't some super prospect woman, Steven Duggar came up. It's felt like at least for the Giants at that juncture in time. That was that was a big deal that Hey, this guy's coming up. This guy's gonna be a good major league player. This and that. And now he's a guy who's on the French, which shows how far the rebuild has come. But where is Steven Duggar? At this point? Does he have a role on this team and you're in your vision? Opening day. No, I mean, candidly speaking, I don't think that Stephen Duggar fits into the giant's plans. And I think that he's going to have to go down to Sacramento and re proved that he can hit triple a pitching and re prove that he could be an asset against right handed pitchers because the Giants just don't have a spot for him in their outfield right now, you know they've got Mauricio Dubon in center field. They like Lamont Wade Better. And Sarah Lamont Wade skill set all three outfield positions and much like Stephen Duggar, left handed hitter. The Giants front office of Farhan Zaidi and Scott Harris acquired Wade, whereas Doug Was drafted by the Savior and Evans are a front office and so that automatically is going to put weight ahead of Duggar on the depth chart. He's a better plate discipline guy. He draws more walks. And so if he's able to play center field, he will skyrocket past Duggar on the depth chart. Where is Duggar like you mentioned? You know, the home runs this spring have been impressive, but the Giants want to seem or they want to see more walks. They want to see more small ball. They want to see him shoot the ball of the gap. Instead of striking out 30% of the time of the plate, because when he gets on, he could be a stolen base threat when he's not on base, And that's not often because it was like a 2 90 on base percentage when he was getting regular playing time for the Giants. That's an issue. And so I think there's still a lot more for Steven Duggar to prove to hang on to that 40 Man roster spot, and I do think that unless he continues to play this way this spring, it will be in jeopardy from the end of spring training, and they have to add those nonroster guys. Just read your article. Marco Luciano, talk to reporters today and reading your thing. You made a very immediate comparison and whether it was Whether it was obvious or not, whether it was intentional or not. Fernando Thaci's junior gets brought up a lot right in juxtaposition with with Marco Luciano. We know that he's this great prospect No one. No one's gonna argue that he doesn't have Goods 19 years old and he's a couple of years away, right? But Totty says that's a that's a high bar. Carry. What? What made you go about that? The ceiling. The ceiling is there and I don't know that Marco Luciano will reach that ceiling. I think that like you said, Deter it is a really high bar to clear and to expect someone like Luciano to at 2021 22 years old a few years from now come to the major leagues and just immediately provide that jolt of energy. That is a lofty expectation, But when you look at the body look at the way he feels his position and you see the you know the authority with which he can hit the baseball. You realize he has that type of the ceiling. There are few players where the ball comes off the bat like it does Marco Luciano. I go back to that instructional league highlight that he produced back in November when he hit a ball from Iraqis left hander 119 MPH off the bat. You know how many major league players have done that in the last five years? Four. Marco Luciano has a ceiling that no other player this farm system has and so getting, They're going to be really difficult. That's on the Giants talent evaluators that's on the Giants coaching staff. That's on Marco Luciano to find a way to maximize all that potential. But he has the rare rare combination of skills baseball like you and just pure athleticism. That make you think that? Hey, maybe down the line. He could be that tight east type of influence in this giant organization talked me through that line..

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