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Default Search engine on their web browser yet. It's so new but it's awesome. I've been using it when dutta go came out. I was doing side-by-side searches. So i pull up. Dutta go and one browser and google on another browser. And i would do the same keyword searches on both to see what the results were largely. I got Seventy five eighty percent of the same results. But i would get. It's because he uses those other search engines basically as the back end but as a privacy advocate. I recognized immediately the value in having something. That wasn't google absolutely to do your search. Now once you click on the results you know you're still gonna get tracked by the web crawlers and that kind of stuff but it certainly is a good start. I'm certainly going to give a look at the search that brave dot com and see what that's about as well as pre research. chris. I hadn't even i. I've heard of that but i didn't know it was a search engine per se so thanks for pipe in. Yeah it is dropping the knowledge with duct go is like i always try to use it but sometimes i'm like trying to find something i'm like. Why is this not just popping right up like i know it should be popping right up. Let me just go to google than it does. So i don't know again. that's so. I have duct dot goes my default search engine for my browser and my computer at home and that kind of thing. But if i'm not getting the love that i think i should or if i'm looking for something obscure that goes not showing me the love. I still unfortunately sadly will pull up the the google dot com every now and again. I wanted to just announce that there is another Liberty contingent released from remand. Up in rankin. Yeah so that's I don't know do you remember Joe brown yes going. He was he was involved in some sort of a. You know a.

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