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New season of empire and out loud presented by money line. Hello again everyone would. He came back with you and we are headed to the Daytona five hundred a little bit later on in the program. We're going to hear from David. Ragan as he makes his appearance in the five hundred even after saying he's stepping away from full time driving then we'll hear from Alex Hayden one of our co anchors on the motor racing network. But first let's talk to the front row of the Daytona five hundred. Mike Bagley is on scene and he spoke first with Ricky stenhouse junior growing growing up in olive branch Mississippi. Did you ever think you would be a pole winner for the Daytona. Five hundred. No not at all at that point at some point in my racing career I just I wanted to race for a living. I didn't care what it was but you know starting to come down here. To the speedway races specially with Brian Pattie puts a lot of hard work a lot. A lot of attention to detail and I knew that if I kept him as my crew chief at at some point we'd have a shot at Daytona. Five hundred pole You know he qualified on the pole with him and and two thousand. Seventeen coming over to JB doherty racing. The hard work that they put in. I mean Mike. Kelly go into the wind tunnel with our cars nonstop. You know the guys in the body shop. They'd cut a body off if they needed to Ernie and they got a good leadership from top to bottom of Jodi and Tad and and Ernie and it's just cool to see everybody working together and you know this this off season I felt like hey you know we we might have a shot at this knowing that Hendrick powers been on the front row this thing and winning polls for a long time and you know we we were with the same engine program Ram same bodies and I knew that we were have shot at so. It's pretty cool. So what is it the clicks between you and Brian. I don't know we both want to win. We both Like you know. Pay attention to details. We were both. OCD when it comes to the organization like and things a certain way and we've just clicked ever since day. You WanNa know different than Mike Kelly. A nine to have both of them in my corner You know switching over to a new team has been pretty beneficial this off season so looking looking forward to continuing that obviously this is just one weekend won qualifying run but I do know that. They're working just as hard on our vegas cars as well so I think this. Is You the things that come for for our coverage dory racing team and look forward to you know enjoying this for a few days before we gotta get into the Dole's what about you though so you just spent eleven years at Ross benway racing and this is an opportunity for you to hit the reset button and basically start a new chapter in your careers. We hit resell We hit we hit it with a with a stamp right there. I think you know no different than than Brian and Mike Mike. Mike Bennett. Rouse Fenway. A lot longer than I had and we feel like we both got things to prove in the sports still and you know. We've we've won. We've we've done things but you know you're you're only as good as your last race last season season and and so we got lots of proof and our cup career and definitely as things go our way sometimes and then. We've we've struggled at times but all in all we're here working hard and it's a good way to hit the reset button for sure. What about the race team? You come from a larger race team to now a team that a lot of folks you'll feel homegrown team. It's a smaller team. That some of the big conglomerates how do you fit into that and is a good fit for you. It's a great fit for me. I grew grab racing family sprint car and run run and go-carts with my dad and you know the family atmosphere there. It's you know they they didn't they. Don't just hire the worker. They hire the family and we do a lot of things together and look forward to continued and you know that relationship with with all the employees at the company. And you know it's It's pretty special. I wish Jodi Tatra here They stayed at home this week continuing to work. There's always working hard on our next dill's for for keeping this race team going and looking forward to talking to jody little bit later this'll be your ninth Daytona five hundred. We obviously wish you the best. A lot of fans do as well to seems to be a good time for you and it's off to a great start. It's off to a great start. y'All know I love speedway racing We put a lot effort into it are fast cars definitely help throughout the racist making moves and we still got a lot to learn this. This Chevy drives. Now's a little bit different than than what I've been used to on the speedways but we'll get it out in for sure. Is there an art to speedway racing. Definitely an art you you you pick up on things you learn earn things and I think you're always learning every race. I mean we. We were out there in our practice session and I was learning obviously switching cars. Learn in an you know a lot of what this car is capable of and what its characteristics are but you whether you're learning about the draft or learning about your competitors. I I feel like you're always learning and you keep those things in mind. All Right Picasso goal ever have it like Sunday. Thank you so stenhouse shows he can still get it done at the super speedways. Can he wound up in the front on at the end of the Daytona five hundred that remains to be seen but mike also caught up with the other side of the front row. Alex Bowman well. There's there's something about a Sunday afternoon at February in Daytona tone of Alex. Bowman it's been it's been quite a run for you. As far as five hundred qualifying again you put the Ada car on the outside of the front row your thoughts about getting that Great Star for the Great American race it's always great you know the Daytona five hundred such a big event so to be on the front row. It's really neat. Obviously you WANNA be one spot better. But I think the mullet was the Was the deal breaker there. If I would have grown a mullet like ricky out about a half a tenth better but that's all right we'll take second we just gotTa be one spot better in the race and I I think we have a great shot at it. These Hendrick cars are so good down here. Hundred horsepower under the hood. It's it's great. Our speedway cars are always amazing so excited to get going here in the clash later today and then come Sunday. We're we're going to be up front about the dynamic of this race team. You're back with Greg. Is this year you WanNa race last year. Seems like you guys have a lot of men coming into this race season. Yeah I think so. We've we've got some new faces and everybody seems to be working together really. Well Greg and I are getting along great. He keeps asking me how how to cheat up his box. Stock to go run mill bridge. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA cheat up his box dot forum like like we do the midgets for Chili Bowl and it's a great relationship. We have a lot of fun. There is an art to racing at Daytona. And there's an art of using the draft and the side drafting. Is that an ongoing thing that you as a driver. Try to fine-tune your skills also because you're pretty good I would say restrictor plate race or taper spacer racer now. Yeah I mean I. It's always changing right. The draft is always changing. The bodies of the cars are constantly getting tweets there. Obviously we have a new camera body here and and it's quite a bit different so how the draft is GonNa work is always going to be changing and you're always going to have guys figuring out new tricks and you're trying to figure it out and keep up. Keep up with them. The do obviously is the final shakedown. And then he got a couple more practice sessions but it was that you've got the speed. Obviously now there's one more thing to check off the list. Let's the execution of the great American race. Yeah for sure. The doors are tough when here on the front row. Typically we're obviously really trimmed out and here for qualifying but we'll see what it doesn't Dole and then go from there. Thanks Mike. There's your front fraught row.

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