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Weekend, The movie reminiscence barely made $2 million being screened on over 3000 movie screens in North America, marking one of the worst starts for a movie in the history of nationwide. Release it or you can stream it on HBO, Max Right now, though, it's one of those where it comes out the same day I won't go. Yeah, I feel like perhaps one of those. You know, this is really interesting. Because that's what Hugh Jackman you said Yes. I saw a headline on in that gutter on, um, the daily mail. That was a story about him meeting his birth mother who abandoned him as a child. That's interesting. Yeah, but I'm like, Oh, okay. Here we go. This is a push. Oh, I see what you're, Yeah. Yeah, because he doesn't want to talk about the movie because they all know that it stinks. So let's talk about this. Let's talk about some other this other stuff. Yeah, Exactly. And finally, Ariana Grant could have a big secret. So fans of Ariana Grande recently noticed a new instagram page and website dedicated to r E m beauty, named after Grand 2018 song off of her sweetener album and adding to this excitement, Arianna is Mom followed the Instagram page, so some are thinking that Ariane is launching her own beauty break. And interesting R E m. I mean, that's me in the corner. Let's be in the spotlight. We won't Oh, so we shall see. Ariana already sells R E M perfume at alter. Oh, yes. So you can already have a whiff. Of Ariana, if you so smell like Ariana Yeah. All right. Well, that's all the dirt this hour for more. Check out my talk one of 71 dot com or download the by talk out. Ah, good stuff is stuff my talk dirt alerts at the top of.

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