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Good ideas. Execute dot com. Everybody chew sold for two billion dollars plus. Right. So there's there's a couple of these and I think in crypto it will be the same thing where the market. Yeah, there's all sorts of things people are doing which is just magic. There's a movie on it. That was right. Yeah, it was wrong. You know what I mean? It's just timing. Excuse timing and excuse you, and then you have to have all the pieces in place. So how do you assess the startup culture right now? Because again, a lot of people feel it is a little desiccated out there. I think there's been impact of the big companies talking about the impact of the big companies seem to dominate everything right now, I think are dominating a lot of things. I think it's different from the nineties, for example, really windows and right. You know, Microsoft, maybe Intel on the other side of it and everything else got squeezed. I think today it's actually more dynamic and from the perspective. Yeah, five companies. And then you also have the Chinese. Yes, ions. Right. Which I think is a really interesting trend, but I still think there's a lot of room and there's lots of cracks. I think the thing that's happened is a lot of founders end up selling when they could've kept going. Right, because he's companies have such large market caps. Right? And so the big question in my mind is less about whether there's going to be innovative companies outside of those big five, but more how, how long will they keep going because Uber could've sold earlier or other companies could have sold earlier and they kept going, right. So the real question is who will keep going. Who owned right. And then who similarly will be aggressive and ambitious. You know, Google the primary way that Larry page would get upset if you were going into a product reviews if you weren't thinking big enough, right? It always say, why can't this be a billion dollar thing instead of the hundred million thing you're talking about a lot of founders don't do that. Right? And so they never do that NextWave product or the next cycle. And so they just lose out. And so I think there's some companies who are doing that now like Uber, Uber eats and services, but I think many of the sort of very in their lane. Yeah, they stay in their lane a little bit more, and I think that's actually a detriment to innovation. Why did he do that? I think it's founder driven, fundamentally worried. Yep. Yeah, lack of creativity is what it is. No, but they do. They do, but I do think there is. The problem is there was a Microsoft, and then you could sort of. A jet swim around, but you could. And now they're the jet skiing is harder because these big companies and they don't precisely compete with each of them trying to get this concept to write about it because they don't like when smart, what's his competitor couldn't with one. And he was right, like he kind of has competitors, but he doesn't. So they dominate over in this lane and it's like big semis on highway. Amazon dominates in this line. Google on this point, apple Domino's. I think it used to them has a large core primary business spins off cash that allows them to invest in other areas, and it's those other areas where they're competing. Right? And so their core dominant area, they're not competing in right to save that, but everywhere else they are. So I think maybe the place with the biggest overlap would be Android iphone. Yes, that's cleared of heads on competition. Yes, it is. And yet it's not because people make sure you pick your your kind of stick to the brand man. Right? And it's kind of very differentiated and they're not, and there's also different price points..

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