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And he would take over the just think you're right that team and if you look you know north korea and china and and uh russia and the terrorist threat that's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world and we need is guilty and aggressive team to deal with it and you need us secretary of state when he speaks actually is understood by the world to be speaking on behalf of the president not in opposition to his policies whatever they are that is the profound difficulty with the secretary tillerson not a bad man i don't think he's prickly accomplished administrator because oil companies are not bureaucracies but it does seem to me that you've got to have very little daylight it you need a nixon kissinger's situation need a george shultz reagan situation you've got to get along with your secretary of state you know trump every presidency goes through this and trump trump starting from a lowerplaced trump's never been in politics before every presidency is gutted pleats king's together and find the people it could work with you know just think of the way churchill in lincoln went through generals until they've found that they could work with and you know there's really great thing in the bruce canton history the civil war who he describes ask phil sheridan and william sherman ulysses grant and lincoln meeting on the presidential yacht as a kind of dream team you know kind of like what you're talking about with madison kelly and cotton and pump and he said the two when those men sat down links came across the south they did yeah of course you know and why is john kelly the white house chief of staff well trump met him and trump put him in a heart job homeland security and they just got on really well and it was effect is and they were on the same wavelength and that matters and of course the president is the elected head of the.

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