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Aww he's talking to the truth or if you're just making crap yeah who knows yellen today I think that has something to do with the testosterone I think when he starts yelling he he thinks he needs to load up Friday every every remedy you can imagine but I've changed her food now I've recently purchased the grain free will and I've given her baths old she get any kind of infection going on about that I'm aware that I could see and I do checker thoroughly he's not missing any hair like like if you have managed or something there's no hair loss she just constantly each's her back and her hind legs and her her legs rear legs but now where I live I live in it's good that she doesn't have a lot of sewers and she doesn't have a lot of other secondary problems but for me I always like to do a little skin surface check because is very common W. loves to Pico odors and sometimes there can be very kind of greasy or oily odors that we can get with some dogs and we might use more of an anti Subarea type shampoo an anti greasing shampoo for those pat so a little bit of having that is in the news of the veterinarian kind of helping Guide through some of these choices might be really helpful there you know we can hopefully get your baby a little bit more comfortable and I would say give her a scratching the ear but I don't want to get her scratching for you it's very heartbreaking for me to hear party animal and that is be me Vinnie Penn just hung up the phone with my sister who lives out in Las Vegas she had to go because she was having what she called a play date sisters I don't know I never inquired about the sex of the animal when a dog is introduced into a family but she said yeah we're having a play date with the dogs and I said well this this is Elian idea and she said yes she comes over once a week and we let the dogs play in the yard and then we get to catch up we also have a yappy hour she said and I said excuse me she goes name you come up with whatever guys this is an excuse for you to get drunk with your girlfriend under the ruse that you care about Iran else and drive the little guy home drunk I've met her friend Marie before I could see her prop and her dog up in her lap and having that dog steer the car yet V our Vinnie Penn party animal animal radio animal radio people say less is.

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