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Episode three hundred nineteen and joined alongside my awesome co host. Qasim ozlem virtually from. I don't know about two thousand miles away. I'm always trying to guess how far away you are. But anyway it's not that far because you're just you know you're virtually like right next to me on my screen here so i feel like you're here so you're welcome back to your show as co hosts casa moslem. Good ralph right there. You just kinda inflated my ego just a little bit to your show now that's right. Well we're gonna talk about some interesting stuff here today. i don't know. Is there anything interesting going on in your world that we should touch on before we get into our our hot debate topic here today on perpetual traffic anything. You want to give a shout out to the folks spout. Maybe something that we do on friday afternoons are friday mornings pacific time eleven. Am eastern time. Anything like that going on in our lives to not what he refer no. We do petrol fridays. Which have been a blast. I've had so much fun. We just you know. Honestly it's pretty casual and we're getting more people showing up now is great so what we really want to do. Though if you're listening to this is we won't your questions and you wanna hang out with us and get a little interactive show up. It's on the digital marketer youtube channel. Easy to find will include it in shown out and would love for you to join to attend record there. I don't know why don't you do a live. He just go live you just soon you just and there you are so yeah digital marketer youtube channel where there live every friday eleven. Am eastern adm pacific. And yeah to answer your questions whatever's on your mind from a digital marketing marketing business agency perspective life questions. You know we answer it all over there on those lives so it's a lot of fun and obviously we've been doing this show now for five six years and it's the only times i find that we really interact with perpetual traffic. Listener is when we do a survey which we did a few months back which was really cool or we go to conferences. That's always sort of a fun thing to meet. P. t. listeners and talk about what's going on in their lives but we haven't had many of those conferences recently. Although there is one that we should probably plug. That's coming up pretty darn soon that you're speaking at that is traffic and conversion summit. Some people listening to this show might have heard of it. It's pretty big this year. It's going to be half virtual half in person correct. You can go either way. You can go either way but they moved from the mariot marquee to the convention center. So i think the anticipate as being the biggest one they've ever had in i i hope they're right. I think that'll be blessed gel. Absolutely i mean. I think the last time i was at a conference was when this whole thing was just sort of breaking out of the social media marketing world and through some people..

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