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No one ever took their eyes off of him there was something in this some price and he organically would you choreograph the band and the chart why as it was going on this is this is what an audience feels what's the matter Basil also has been in some big film with Peter Fonda in easy rider and her credits don't end there you may be surprised to know Basil has been the choreographer for American graffiti Peggy sue got married my best friend's wedding and legally blonde and most recently director Quentin Tarantino hired her to choreograph his Oscar nominated film once upon a time in Hollywood where she taught Leonardo di Caprio known as the but it wasn't Toni Basil on the map it was and you were what thirteen whatever years all in all I was thirty nine when we were cool when you need to know turn to CBS news radio Hey everyone giantbomb dot com of your police to the world of it would appear the call of duty is set to get back into the battle royale race as a series of leaks and data mind out of call of duty modern warfare is recent season to update are starting to give us a clearer picture of what it all might look like please point a movie called war zone it also appears if you enter the game spectator mode on the new atlas superstore map you can just keep zooming out and zooming out into you see what appears to be a large battle royale like space with lots of different distinct areas other maps in the game's horribly underwhelming specops mode offered glimpses of this larger space but for whatever reason this new map just loads in the whole thing last year's call of duty also eventually got a battle royale mode and it was fine but these games usually need time to marinate and take months to get great with call of duty being an annual franchise and not a dedicated battle royale it's hard to see how this new mode we get enough attention to matter long term for news reviews from the world of video games find.

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