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I also kind of identify with is when people say mean Steph about you on the internet. Should I tell you about it? Yeah. I don't. I don't. You know, there's very like southern saying, like, you know, I don't know. For some reason I always imagine blanche from golden girls say like other people think of me is none of my business. Right? And I mean, that's true. Like I don't. I get this all the time and I used to get this even more. So people would be like, oh, somebody said that they thought you were ugly, but I don't think you're ugly or somebody said that they, they didn't like you're writing, but I like your writing and be like, why are you telling me this? So that's the thing. People people will tell me things and they'll be like, well, I don't think you're this. I don't think you're untalented. I don't think your husband. I don't think you're actually, I don't think you're all these things and I'm just like, just stick to the complement. Half of going to. Yeah. If you wanna complement me sometimes called on what's going to be like a little much too, but, but like if you can find a nice way to say it, are you you're aware of the kind of like lesbian icon status of miss? Oh, yeah. Oh, definitely. I mean, I was obviously a big fan of the movie when I was younger as a young gay boy. But I always who really loved it too. I had a guy tell me once he was like a friend of a friend and he was British and he was like, you'll movie was how my mom knew. I was gay just related to Matilda so much. I was watching the movie all the time. It's like, I don't think I realized like miss honey's lesbian styles. Much much later. She's definitely. That's definitely a thing. I don't think I realized it until until like probably until college and that's what my friends would started. Like, you know, sending me like Matilda and miss Honey slash fan fiction bothers me because guys, they have a parental relationship. People always ask me, they're like, did you have a crush on Musani? And I'm like, no, I'm Beth was like a sister to me, and and I mean, you know, I remember when I when the when I read the books I was like, I, I do remember being like, oh, she seems really nice and sweet. And if I hadn't been Mathilde, I probably would have empathy is you know, gorgeous and and so sweet and embody that part so well. But no. I mean, she was like a big sister to me, so I didn't so many. So many women had will say that Joseph rush. Yeah, because I mean, I can. I have like a laundry list of men that I was like. That's the one that did it. Yeah. I thought about that for like, what? What does it for a lot of like lesbian it by women? Yeah, I mean, I definitely think I think I've had a lot of conversations about Princess jasmine. Uh-huh. Yeah. Princess jasmine was was. You know by culture is is not being sure whether you want to be or date both jasmine and Aladdin joh-. Yeah, that is. That is the problem is you're not sure who you want to be and who you want to date and it goes back and forth. That's that's. That's something I fully believe. Maybe that's based on my own experience, but I've had similar conversations that is like the LGBT struggle. Jack, it's what's one of the struggles right. It's pretty low on the list. Exactly. And so now I want to ask about your newsletter. So tell me about it. I mean, it's I spill fans. I mean, it is kind of like direct way to re cut out all of the all of the extra chatter on with her wanted for a while to be doing this because I used to keep a blog. But after I wrote my book and moved back to California last year, I was thinking, okay, I want something that's going to be keeping me steady writing, but I don't wanna do blogging again because blogging was always sort of a jumping off point for me. I felt kind of in between like I was writing a lot of stuff for the toast and the toast shut down and and I was writing I, I started reading things for for Elle magazine, but I wanted something also that was just for me and I was thinking to myself, maybe I.

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