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Delaying card your listened to your show i confess this and went viral maybe not everybody listening now heard you on friday where it would say barry manilow concert that the truth one thing that i love the b o l l bean could say i'll say it again either an amazing entertainer i did not expect him to be in the incredible voice he was in the children tournament mahdi yellow turned to bitter he's things better than the elbow i heard it on a bit of cd mario as nine she was she's their shaking the glocester it was an amazing family khan he's an amazing perform tremendous just he is what a taliban may not to be enjoyed via the cell right you just hold their rightly see that at rock concert do the same thing predict at rock concerts movies movie movie that is against the law is against the law you can't do that a movie i told you when i was on my only moon intego and the storm came through knocked out the wifi as soon as a came back on three hundred people are crammed into a twenty by 20 hotel room checking their facebook because they only could they only got one room mike said so they all all these people on the case and they all go into one room paradise with white sandy beaches in a bar stocked that's free in facebook ono they're all their own a ten line two steve we are could be the other thing it does fresh for younger kids it reinforces the instant gratification behavior so when you're trying to uh still patients and and uh things take time and things just don't happen overnight the constant uh hitting the you know pressing the button getting some sort of response just reinforce nut behavior incurred have an impact longterm especially if you like if you want to save money to buy things you have to defer gratification so i think on longrun speech for younger people that not learn three said that that behavioral response has on such as hell affect yeah well if patients i mean the new york times had this piece back in.

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