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This warming in the rain is significant amount of rain in that a combined with the the melt of this now and again he said that a ton of water in this knows that but you can still have because there's still ice flows on rivers new got plenty over the weekend to think no i mean local last time people in chicago said oh my god on worried about those ice floes i mean really laughter i mean really i mean there's more or less a hydro lodge seeing that the weather service past the put out but what we end up getting this you know friday and saturday i don't think it really connect too much with the gulf of mexico it's not like what they had in the ohio valley in upstate new york and parts new england would they literally a two inches of rain on south those 20 to snow and there they have mass cloning but whenever we can't is basically going to melt the snow but what i would like to a nice fresh inch of rain after all of the snow melts wash waiter salt yeah we have like three inches of snow in about niches thought just about everywhere i saw i had to say that the salt had an you i get why they're doing it because it's nobody notices but next year's election year so making sure that you keep these streets passable i mean this is the 1979 rule in chicago you can lose an election based on on your cell removal and so this is a big deal so they very good you know the technology that they use now to they know where the trucks are back in the seventies when jane burn one out of nowhere because there was because we know because my glad i didn't know how to pick up the smell was had a lot of guys are gone no i relish rock don't worry about the cell phones their way to track drugs geyser like they rather 3rd job anyway in on top of that you know.

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